an Open Letter to HRH Prince Charles re child abuse and Magna Carta

HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales
Clarence House

Dear Sir,

    Re: Honours List, child abuse, Magna Carta, healing

I write following various articles about you in the Times, dated 31 January 2015 and subsequent editions.

I was most interested to read that you appear to have said on the public record that you are concerned about the honours that are regularly conferred on members of the public which you feel ought not be conferred. It was cited that you would reduce the number of OBEs, CBEs and MBEs and I therefore write to ask you about the current status of the OBE which you handed to Phyllis Dunipace, the former Executive Director of Children and Young People’s Services in Lambeth.

I wrote to the Prime Minister in 2012 asking that she be stripped of this award because she had overseen the cover-up of child grooming and bullying and racism in Lambeth. Subsequent to my letter, I was illegally imprisoned.

Furthermore, my book – from Hillsborough to Lambeth – which drew attention to the child grooming, its cover-up and my unlawful dismissal, was subsequently unlawfully banned at the High Court in January 2013.

I feel sure that you will agree that Ms Dunipace ought to have her OBE removed in the same way that Sir Jimmy Savile and others have had their awards removed. I would be grateful, therefore, if you would ask your staff to investigate this urgent matter.

Child Abuse
I invite you to visit my websites:

You will not be able to visit because this was illegally removed by the State after I exposed police and judicial corruption.

After blowing the whistle on child grooming at Lambeth Council, I was unlawfully dismissed and defamed. This modus operandi – in which a Council defames those who speak out against it – was highlighted by Andrew Norfolk in the Times.
I sued Lambeth Council for £5million, but the corrupt (I use the word advisedly) Master Basil Yoxall at the “Royal Courts of Justice” threw out my legitimate claim and instead heard an application by Lambeth Council to seek a permanent gagging order against me for the rest of my life. I will, of course, sue Lambeth Council again in due course.

As part of Lambeth Council’s attempts to cover-up wrongdoing (rather like Rochdale, Rotherham and other councils as written about in the Times, for example) I have been labelled (wrongly) as a sex offender, unlawfully detained under the Mental Health Act, unlawfully imprisoned on three separate occasions and separated from my daughter and grandchildren, who have been lied to by various Agencies of State. As you will know, these Agencies of State operate under the ‘Royal’ franchise and I would imagine that you are horrified to learn that criminal acts have been perpetrated against me and my family by officers of the State in your name.

Abuse of my grandchildren by the State
I refer you to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child:

Article 2(2); at Article 3(1)(2); at Article 5; at Article 6(2); at Article 12(1)(2); at Article 14(1); at Article 15(1); at Article 16(1)(2); at Article 17; at Article 18(1)(2); at Article 19(1); at Article 20(1); at Article 27(1)(3); at Article 29(1)(a)(b); at Article 31(1)(2); at Article 36; at Article 37(a); at Article 39;

and assert that all of these Rights afforded to all children – including my grandchildren – have been breached by HM Government.

I understand from the article in the Times, that you are disposed towards the concept of healing. I am, too. On 31 December 2013, I (along with others) initiated an Official Complaint under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights and it is an Article from which there are no possible derogations. This means, of course, that once my complaint was lodged (and the Prime Minister has at least acknowledged my complaint – though he has done nothing about providing redress), HM Government is legally obliged to investigate my complaints and I must form part of the investigation. The reporting of my own abuse as a child in the National Children’s Home in Harpenden, Hertfordshire between 1958 and 1962 is being ignored – no solicitors will take on my case.

Furthermore, please ask your staff to investigate two current cases against me:

(i) the alleged Harassment of my daughter and grandchildren,
(ii) impersonating a barrister.

I am, of course, not guilty of either offence. But then again, I have four convictions against me and none of them are real. I have been found guilty of the incitement of a 14 year old female who never existed, of harassment of my daughter and granddaughter when neither appeared against me or made statements against me; of criminal damage when no trial occurred; and of a breach of a non-existent sexual offences prevention order in May 2014 (again without a trial). I feel sure that you will be horrified to learn of such abuses of due process under the Royal franchise.

In 2014, you visited Teapot Island ( with the Duchess of Cornwall and there are photographs of your visit on that website. Now, by happenstance, the owners – Sue and Keith Blazye – are (as you may well know) my daughter’s in-laws and my grandchildren’s other grand-parents and they own a garage whose best customer is the Metropolitan Police. You will, of course, note the obvious appearance of bias.

Now, as previously mentioned, I was found guilty of the harassment of my daughter, Sorrel Birch, and granddaughter, Emily Birch, on 01 November 2011 when neither appeared in court or made statements against me. The Restraining Order issued against me by that court has no legal merit whatsoever (I invite you to consult with your legal representatives who will confirm the work of Lord Denning on void orders) and therefore the current case against me for a breach of a non-existent order is also a further breach of my Article 3 Rights under the ECHR (your lawyers will confirm this.)

We therefore have the unusual situation in that a case is being brought against me in which you have made an official visit to people I wish to call as Witnesses so that I can question Mr and Mrs Blazye about their involvement with the Metropolitan Police and why they continue to pervert the course of public justice (as you will know, a criminal offence) by keeping my daughter and grandchildren in the dark about the trial in 2011 and this current one.

I imagine that you will be horrified to learn of the political machinations at play in these two trials and will want to intervene to ensure that I receive a fair trial.

Fair trials
I have to declare on the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta that it is now impossible for me to receive a fair trial in the country of my birth. I feel certain that this will appal you.

No solicitor will take on my case, which forces me to represent myself as a Defendant-in-Person, but I am neither a solicitor nor a barrister. Furthermore, my former Law Tutor, Kim Everett, of the University of Greenwich, also refuses to correspond with me. I had wished to instruct her as she is a barrister of the Supreme Court.

Therefore, not only can I not receive a fair trial, but no-one of any repute will act on my behalf. (I have written to Imran Khan on the recommendation of Baroness Lawrence, Michael Mansfield QC, James Saunders, Michael Wolkind QC, Julian Young, James Watson et al) and I do not even receive a reply in most instances.

As your legal advisors will inform you, some clauses in the original Magna Carta are still valid:

39. No freemen shall be taken or imprisoned or disseised or exiled or in any way destroyed, nor will we go upon him nor send upon him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.

40. To no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse or delay, right or justice.

I have been illegally imprisoned, beaten up in the street by police, and found guilty of various crimes which I have not committed. And all because I blew the whistle on child abuse in Lambeth Council.

HM Government has a legal obligation to address my complaints made on 31 December 2013, but to date it refuses to do so. My own MP – Henry Bellingham – has failed to write on my behalf to a single agency of State which has caused me and my family detriment.

I have informed Mr Bellingham that HM Government is obligated to address not only my complaints, but also provide remedy in accordance with Article 13 of the ECHR (the Right to Effective Remedy). The Rights of my grandchildren, Emily Birch (16), Lauren Birch (13) and Joseph Birch (8) have also been breached by HM Government and I hold the Government and its various agencies responsible.

I am seeking by way of remedy, the following:

1. my convictions quashed with immediate effect;
2. my name cleared;
3. to be re-united with my family and for them to be told the truth
4. to have the rubbish propagated about me removed from the internet under the Right to be Forgotten;
5. to receive compensation in the region of £10million by way of recompense for the detriment caused to me by HM Government.

Unlawful interference with my Communications
I have substantial and compelling evidence that all forms of my communications continue to be interfered with illegally and have been since 2006. I have written to the Home Secretary for sight of the Warrant which needs to be obtained under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, but I have not been provided with one and can therefore only assume that one does not exist, making all interference with my communications – and hence with my life – completely illegal.

I have every confidence that – when you receive this – you will want my daughter and grandchildren (who are currently living a lie based on disinformation by the State) to be healed after their unnecessary suffering.

WB Freeman
Darby Farm
115 LeziateDrove
Pott Row
PE32 1DE

07 February 2015

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