further unlawful arrest of Brian Pead

On 2 February 2012, Brian Pead was unlawfully arrested by Essex Police who claimed that there was a warrant out for his immediate arrest on the Police National Computer (PNC). Pead must be one of the only people in the UK who has two PNC numbers. (Of course, anyone on the PNC should only have one number). This website has obtained copies of both PNC records, and one of them is littered with convictions of the rapes of six girls (all under 13). None of this information is true, of course, but the police will use this as part of their tactic of disinformation to turn people against Pead. Pead asked the arresting officer to see the alleged arrest warrant but the officer replied, “I don’t have one, sorry.” Pead replied: “Then you can’t arrest me,” upon which the two officers burst past him and into his flat, thus committing trespass. At the police station, Pead again asked the Superintendent on duty for a sight of the alleged warrant, and the reason for the arrest, but no warrant was produced … Continue reading

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