Tony Martin child abuse reported to Police & IICSA

On 23 November, Brian Pead – author of the expose on corruption in the Tony Martin case in 1999 – made an official complaint to various bodies regarding child abuse experienced by Tony in the 1950s. The complaint can be read below. It is a marker.   WITNESS STATEMENT made to THE INDEPENDENT INQUIRY INTO CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE (hereinafter “the IICSA”) and NORFOLK CONSTABULARY and HERTFORDSHIRE CONSTABULARY and the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDREN ABUSED IN CHILDHOOD (NAPAC) and the NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO CHILDREN (NSPCC) and ELIZABETH TRUSS, MP (Lord Chancellor, Minister for Justice, and Mr A.E. [Tony] Martin’s MP) and SIR HENRY BELLINGHAM, MP (Mr Brian Pead’s MP) and LIB PECK (Leader, Lambeth Council) and JOHN ELWORTHY (Editor, Wisbech Standard)       My name is Brian Pead, date of birth 12 June 1953. I am aged 63. The purpose of this statement is two-fold:  to report child abuse in all of its forms perpetrated against Anthony Edward (Tony) Martin (date of birth 16 December 1944, aged 71) to report child abuse in all its … Continue reading

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