Brian Pead visits Teapot Island

On 29 March 2017, Brian Pead visited Teapot Island to give the owners – Susan and Keith Blazye (and their son, Luke) – evidence of his innocence in criminal matters. The evidence included – but was not limited to – copies of: – the book FRAMED! in which a trial for a sexual offence of a non-existent 14 year old girl was exposed as being bogus; – a copy of the book TONY MARTIN: THE TRUTH; – a copy of a letter from Brian’s MP, Sir Henry Bellingham, to the Norfolk farmer Tony Martin in which the MP states “Brian Pead is the victim of a number of miscarriages of justice”. The Blazyes used to live next door to Brian Pead in Sidcup for several years and Keith Blazye was a member of the same darts team. The captain of the darts team, David Cox, had occasion to speak with the Blazyes after they were found to be “badmouthing” Brian for no reason.

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Brian Pead informs Commissioner Cressida Dick of police corruption

28 February 2017 Re-submitted 24 March 2017 Cressida Dick Commissioner New Scotland Yard   Dear Ms Dick,   An Open Letter Re: Your Appointment and Other Matters   Firstly, may I congratulate you on your appointment as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service. What a remarkable moment in history we have with the confluence of a female Prime Minister, female Lord Chancellor, female Home Secretary and a female Commissioner. Nobody, of course, commented when males held all of those roles for centuries. I hope your appointment inspires my two granddaughters, now 18 and 15. You will have seen that, as the author of this letter, I have given it the status of an Open Letter. I believe you will understand why as you read on. I should also point out that throughout this letter, I make reference to an article by Tom Harper in The Sunday Times dated 26 February 2017 (page 6) entitled ‘Cool Cressida’s first case: the battered Yard.’ The article painted a sorry and somewhat disturbing picture of the current state of Scotland Yard. It refers to … Continue reading

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Brian Pead strikes a claim v Lambeth Council

On Friday 24 March 2017, Brian Pead entered his claim v Lambeth Council into Norwich County Court. The claim was for unlawful dismissal and harassment over an 11-year period. Full details of the claim to be posted at a later date.

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Minutes of Constituency Meeting 27 January 2017

Date:                     27 January 2017 Venue:                 Knights Hill Hotel, King’s Lynn Attendees:          Sir Henry Bellingham, MP [SHB]; Brian Pead (co-author of From Hillsborough to Lambeth and other books including FRAMED! and 10Prisons12Weeks and tony martin: the truth) [BP]; Satish Sekar (investigative author and journalist, see The Cardiff Three) [SS] Time:                    18:00 – 19.28 SHB invited SS to tell him a little about himself. SS mentioned his work on The Cardiff Three. SHB asked SS if he was helping BP with his cases – SS agreed that he was. SS also mentioned Dr Michael Heath in the Tony Martin case. Brief discussion around the Tony Martin case and Heath’s autopsy on Fred Barras. SS mentioned the Fitted In project and said he was assisting BP in his injustices. SHB mentioned Lambeth Council, that it had been in the news a lot lately and SHB asked “What is your reading of how it affects your case Brian?” SHB said that Lambeth Council had admitted that they were involved in child abuse and cover-ups and that they were likely to be paying … Continue reading

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The website has been unlawfully removed by “The Authorities” determined to cover up paedophile activity by Lambeth Council officials. The website was originally removed from the WorldWideWeb and then disappeared altogether. They’ll stop at nothing to cover things up, won’t they?      

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further exposure of Lambeth Council paedophiles

To Lambeth Borough Council Subject Freedom of Information request – Investigation of Unlawful Dismissals Dear Lambeth Borough Council, I am re-investigating the unlawful dismissal of Brian Pead in 2007 for a second edition of the banned book FROM HILLSBOROUGH TO LAMBETH. Can you please tell me on what date Lambeth Council’s Cathy Twist (the lying investigation officer as described by Employment Judge Lindsay Hall-Smith and former MP Simon Hughes) became aware that Brian Pead had NOT been masturbated in the White Bear Theatre in Kennington in May 2006? Yours faithfully, Brian Pead

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Brian Pead ceases constituency relations with Sir Henry Bellingham MP

Dear Sir Henry, An OPEN LETTER re our constituency meetings Please note that my use of the word ‘corrupt’ in this letter accords with the definition as used by Professor Phil Scraton (University of Belfast) of the Hillsborough Independent Panel. Thank you for your email regarding our fifth constituency meeting on 27 January 2017 with investigative journalist Satish Sekar present. (A copy of this letter has been sent to him.) I note from your email that you are unwilling to approve a set of Minutes from that meeting, providing as a reason that you feel that you go into constituency meetings with a view to holding an open meeting where the participants can say whatever is on their mind and so on. It will, I am sure, come as no surprise to you that I find that comment completely disingenuous, since it provides you with a “Get Out of Jail” card in which you will not be held to account for the lack of any Actions that agreed to undertake in the meeting. I find myself unable to work on … Continue reading

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