Dark forces controlling Brian’s Pead’s investigations into child abuse

It’s shameful and disturbing that in a country that prides itself on its judicial system, that justice is so hard to achieve. Dark forces, my friend. David Cox, retired fire-fighter   Brian Pead’s reply: “Yes, dark forces – all to cover-up State-controlled child abuse. See my forthcoming book, BLUEPRINT FOR ABUSE.”    

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A second OPEN LETTER to Amber Rudd (Home Secretary)

Dear Amber Rudd, Home Secretary Re: continued police persecution contrary to Article 3 of the ECHR This morning (21 Oct. 2017) at approximately 09:45hrs, two people claiming to be police constables arrived at my door and continued causing a disturbance by knocking on my door and calling out my name and claiming “We are not going until you open this door!” (They do like to believe in the notion that they have authority/ jurisdiction over me – they don’t and neither does anybody else, including you. Since I commit no crimes, I don’t need external third parties who are delusional in their beliefs to interact with me.) I carried on making a cup of tea and going about my lawful business and eventually they did leave. I left my place of residence to visit the library to email you (I have no wish to have the internet in my flat since I am fully aware of how the police can plant child pornography or other such material without anyone knowing – I have known this since 2005.) As I was … Continue reading

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AN OPEN LETTER to Amber Rudd (Home Secretary) from Brian Pead

Dear Ms Rudd AN OPEN LETTER Please forward to me three possible dates/times for us to meet so that I can discuss with you the following: 1. my unlawful dismissal from Lambeth Council on 31 July 2007; 2. the corrupt and fraudulent activity perpetrated by Cathy Twist, Barry Gilhooly, Phyllis Dunipace, Claire Cobbold et al in securing my dismissal after reporting child abuse, racism and bullying; 3. the Met’s deliberate failure to investigate the abuse I reported; 4. the Met’s deliberate failure to investigate the fraud and corruption involved in securing my dismissal; 5. Simon BAILEY (Chief Constable of Norfolk) and his refusal to investigate either:     (a) child abuse at Glebe House School in Hunstanton, Norfolk (and this despite his being the police National Lead on child abuse);     (b) the manslaughter of Fred Barras by Norfolk police investigating the Tony Martin murder case;     (c) the refusal of the Norfolk Constabulary to provide full disclosure necessary in Mr Martin’s appeal against his convictions. 6. Cressida Dick’s refusal to meet with me to inform her of demonstrable police corruption in all … Continue reading

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Met Police in yet another cover-up attempt

Despite not having even met with Brian Pead, the Met Police’s Professional Standards Department (aka the cover-up department) sent Brian an email today claiming to be as the result of a contact from Amber Rudd, current Home Secretary. We contacted Brian for his response (below): “I have no interest in opening the attached letter. It will be nonsense. No-one has been to speak with me. It is a piece of fiction created by a fantasist in order to protect paedophiles. You are not police any longer – merely VIP Paedophile Protectors. You are certainly not “Professional” – any investigation into official complaints would require someone to meet with me, which is also a requirement of Article 3 of the ECHR. For your information, I made an Official Complaint to HM Government on 31 December 2013. It has not been investigated. You should be ashamed of yourself, taking public money and creating fiction. You CONTRIBUTE to child abuse – you are part of the problem, not the solution. It is another whitewash designed to protect the guilty, not assist the innocent. Look … Continue reading

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Freedom of Information Act requests to Scotland Yard

The requests can be found below: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/unlawful_arrest_of_brian_pead#incoming-1055568 https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/cost_of_arrest#incoming-1055575 https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/unlawful_use_of_a_12_year_old_gi    

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Freedom of Information Act requests to Lambeth Council

Brian initiated a series of Freedom of Information Act requests to Lambeth as below: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/copy_of_report_to_employment_tri https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/alex_passman_employment_law_spec https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/lambeth_ict_consultant https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/unlawful_dismissal_of_head_teach https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/islington_council https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/islington_and_ealing_councils https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/meg_hillier    

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Brian Pead arrested again by The Paedophile Protectors aka Norfolk Constabulary

On Sunday 15 October 2017 at 6.15pm, Brian Pead was unlawfully arrested by a PC Hall and a PC Staples (at least those were the names given – as all intelligent people know, the police like to use the names of dead children as they go about their dirty work protecting paedophiles. It beggars belief that the Chief Constable of Norfolk (a person calling himself Simon BAILEY- note that surname, it’s important) is the police national lead on child abuse in this country. You might like to wonder why that person was given that job (it wasn’t for no reason.) Could it be that his REFUSAL to investigate child abuse at GLEBE HOUSE SCHOOL in HUNSTANTON, (just a few short miles from his beat as a PC in King’s Lynn years ago) has anything to with the fact that child abuse was perpetrated against Tony Martin (yes, that famous Norfolk farmer who was forced to resort to taking the law into his own hands by corrupt police OFFICERS -they are no longer constables in the real sense of the word- … Continue reading

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Norfolk Police create more fiction

In an email received today (11 October 2017) the so-called Professional Standards Department of Norfolk Constabulary wrote to Brian Pead alleging that they had conducted an investigation into his many complaints against the Police, not only in Norfolk but also in the Met. A letter was attached to the email, which Brian did not bother reading for reasons which are explained below. Brian has consistently tried to meet with the Chief Constable (Simon BAILEY) and his side-kick Lorne Green (the so-called Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk who is about as useful in holding the Chief Constable to account as the Chief Commissioner for Gotham City police (Batman comics). The reply by Brian Pead to the work of fiction pumped out by the Propaganda Unit of the Norfolk Constabulary by some person who is not paid to think: Dear Emma Henry Thank you for your letter. I note you describe yourself as ‘A Complaints Management Assistant’. Clearly you are assisting no one other than a corrupt organisation which is refusing to investigate child abuse despite its Chief Constable being the … Continue reading

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Brian Pead’s new book: details

BLUEPRINT FOR ABUSE There are some things so far removed from the lives of normal, decent people as to be simply unbelievable by them. The calmest, simplest statements of fact are almost beyond the comprehension or belief of most men and women who have no contact with the dark and hideous secrets of ‘an underworld’ where child abuse is created and allowed to flourish by the UK government. Children’s homes, special units and boarding schools are not always what they appear to be. They are, this book shows, the playground of the rich and famous who believe they have a sense of entitlement to money, land and the abuse of children. Decent people can scarcely believe that their MP, or the police officer, or the local councillor or the social worker or the priest could be involved in child abuse. The ordinary person can scarcely believe that the abuse of children is State-controlled, highly organised and carried out hidden in plain sight in collusion with the intelligence services, the police and the Church. This book provides a detailed history of … Continue reading

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Brian Pead’s latest letter to MP Henry Bellingham

Dear Sir Henry Following my visit to your home and putting you in possession of information re Lambeth Child Abuse and asking if you can confirm that you have an office in Lambeth, my State pension has been stopped without warning or any valid reason whatsoever. This follows on from the Home Office preventing me from accessing my teacher’s pension, of which you are aware. Can you confirm whether these incidents are linked? After all, the last time you advised me to contact my beloved daughter and grandchildren I ended up in prison for 24 months after sending them letters about my innocence which they never received. Are you protecting any paedophiles in Lambeth? Or elsewhere? I have noted recently in the (credible) media how MI5 and MI6, for example, allow child abuse to flourish so that they can blackmail individuals. I attended the United Against Injustice conference in Liverpool last Saturday and called the Criminal Cases Review Commission to task claiming, like QC James Richardson, that it is not fit for purpose and nothing more than an instrument of … Continue reading

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