Paedophile protectors threaten this website

ROLLING NEWS: Lambeth Child today received a threat from Bexley Police threatening to close down the website. More information to follow…

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Elizabeth Truss MP fails her constituent Tony Martin in his Appeal to CCRC

After Brian sent Elizabeth Truss (Tony Martin’s MP) an email in which he said that Tony Martin did not kill Fred Barras in 1999 but that Norfolk police officers involved in the case deliberately allowed Barras to die, each time Brian emails her requesting a meeting with her and Tony, his emails bounce back. Brian said, “And to think this woman was once a Minister of Justice. It’s little wonder she didn’t last long in that job. Once an MP is sent information informing them of criminal activity, they are duty bound to report it to the Police. Perhaps Mrs Truss lives by a different set of rules. You’d think there’s enough sleaze and corruption in Parliament at the moment without Mrs Truss adding to the cesspit of corruption. As Tony often says to me, “They do like to protect the paedophiles just as they’re doing at Glebe House.” Evidence of the emails being blocked: This is an automatically generated email created by We could not deliver your message. Please double-check the recipient’s email address for errors and try … Continue reading

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Brian Pead banned from making Freedom of Information Act requests

Brian Pead has been banned from making Freedom of Information Act requests. He has applied to have the ban removed: “It is clear I have been banned because you are protecting paedophiles. Nor did I refer to Cathy Twist of Lambeth Council as a “liar” – Simon Hughes MP did that long before I quoted him. Check it out on the BBC website. Please unban me -I already have a series of gagging orders preventing the exposure of paedophiles. Those who assist unlawful activity are themselves guilty of such activity.” Kind regards Brian Pead

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Paedophile-protecting Home Office sends Nazi stormtroopers to Brian Pead’s flat

On Monday 6th November 2017, at 07:40, four Nazi storm-troopers threatened to smash Brian’s door down if he didn’t open it. They claimed they had a warrant to search the flat. They had no documentation with them and refused to provide a search warrant. Brian: Where are you from? Policeman: From the PPU. Brian: You mean the Paedophile Protection Unit? Policeman: No, the public protection unit. Brian: Why do the general public need to be protected from me? Policeman: Because you are a sex offender? Brian: So tell me the name of a victim. Policeman: WE don’t have to. Brian: Which court was this? Policeman: Don’t know. Brian: Which offence am I supposed to have been convicted of? Policeman: Don’t know. DS BOND: We have a warrant allowing us to have A FURTHER THREE VISITS TO YOUR FLAT TO CHECK UP ON YOU. Brian: Go away and do your job and protect the public from paedophiles because I’m not one and you might be. The 20 minute visit was recorded on audio. A piece of paper purporting to be a … Continue reading

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