Amber Rudd and Brian Pead – further ‘misleading’ by the Home Secretary

Amber Rudd resigned as Home Secretary on Sunday night after admitting she had “inadvertently misled” Parliament over the existence of deportation targets. This website asked Brian Pead for his views: “I am not surprised that Ms Rudd resigned. It’s probably the only honourable thing she did whilst in the post (albeit that she had no other credible option. I had written to Ms Russ on several occasions about exposing child abuse and my five unlawful and unsafe convictions – she never once replied. I had also asked her to provide evidence of a RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) warrant against me to show why I and my family have been held under surveillance for over 12 years. She never produced such a Warrant to me. I also informed her of my Official Complaint against the government under Article 3 of the ECHR, but still she did nothing. I see that her brother has tweeted that she was “a great Home Secretary.” Isn’t brotherly love a wonderful thing? He sounds as delusional as she was. What nonsense. Because politics is so corrupt, I have … Continue reading

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Brian Pead reports crimes to MPs Elizabeth Truss and Sir Henry Bellingham

Below is a recording of Brian Pead reporting criminal activity to MPs Elizabeth Truss (former Justice Minister and Tony Martin’s MP) and also Sir Henry Bellingham (Brian’s MP). The MPs now have a public duty to perform – to report the crimes to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick.   180427_001

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Police chiefs “must have experience in child sex abuse cases”

The article below provides a clear indication of one of the issues around the lack of police investigations into child sex abuse (another, of course, is demonstrable corruption and cover-up):        

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Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry’s key findings so far: political reputations and institutions still prioritised over victims

Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry’s key findings so far: political reputations and institutions still prioritised over victims Ben Gelblum April 25, 2018 “All too often institutions are prioritising the reputation of political leaders or the reputation of their staff, or avoiding legal liability, claims or insurance implications, over the welfare of children and tackling child sexual abuse,” the inquiry established to examine how institutions in England and Wales handled their duty to protect children from sexual abuse has found. “The UK Government must demonstrate the priority and importance of tackling child sexual abuse through its actions,” warns the report. “Children are still accused of ‘child prostitution’, ‘risky behaviour’ and ‘promiscuity’” and blamed “rather than being the victims of serious criminal acts,” warns the Interim Report of the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse in England and Wales (IICSA) announced by Theresa May when she was Home Secretary in 2014. The inquiry has heard hair-raising testimony and delivers some harsh conclusions for the Government, criminal and justice systems and institutions that have let down abuse victims such as police, local authorities and churches. The independent inquiry has … Continue reading

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Ex-Rochdale council leader lied to us, child abuse inquiry finds

Richard Farnell may face police investigation after inquiry says his evidence defied belief Josh Halliday North of England correspondent Thu 12 Apr 2018 13.48 BST First published on Thu 12 Apr 2018 12.02 BST Rochdale’s recently resigned council leader is facing a possible police investigation after an official inquiry concluded that he lied under oath about child sexual abuse allegations. The independent inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA) said the evidence given by Richard Farnell about his knowledge of abuse in the town defied belief. As Greater Manchester police said it was considering launching a perjury investigation, Farnell was suspended by the Labour party but claimed in a statement that he had told the truth. The report, the inquiry’s first into abuse in the UK, follows three weeks of evidence about allegations dating from the early 1960s to the mid-1990s. It concluded there was no deliberate cover-up by the authorities but there was “a careless and wholly inadequate response” to the serious sexual abuse of children at the council-run Knowl View school. The report also criticised Margaret Thatcher’s “remarkable” decision to award … Continue reading

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