Further evidence of police corruption and ineptitude

‘It’s the system I blame more than anything’: how an innocent man was jailed for rape https://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/thinking-man/system-blame-anything-innocent-man-jailed-rape/   8 June 2018 • 4:56pm Life was good for Danny Kay. The then 21-year-old welder had completed his apprenticeship and been quickly promoted and was earning more money than he ever had; good enough to take his new partner away for a 10-day break at an all-inclusive resort on the Spanish coast. But in August 2012, as they walked back through passport control at East Midlands Airport, tanned, relaxed and happy, the border guard refused to hand his documents back and signalled to two plain-clothed police officers waiting in the wings. Kay was taken to a back office in the airport where they were joined by two more police officers. “They told me I was being arrested under suspicion of rape,” he recalls. “At the time, I was so shocked I couldn’t even remember who it was when they told me the person’s name.” Kay was taken to St Mary’s Wharf Police Station in Derby where he was quizzed for 26 hours. … Continue reading

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Doreen Lawrence agrees with Brian Pead

Doreen Lawrence (now Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon) shares Brian Pead’s views of the corrupt police and judicial system: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/mar/21/campaigners-stage-walkout-of-secretive-police-spying-inquiry Brian Pead said: “Baroness Lawrence rightly, in my humble opinion, chastised the judge in this case. What a pity she didn’t conduct further research into the schools and clubs which the learned judge is said to have attended: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/sir-john-mitting-has-a-troubled-stewardship-of-sex-inquiry-hxfqmwt09 Mitting attended the Roman Catholic independent school Downside School https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/somerset-news/evidence-inquiry-child-sexual-abuse-908845 http://www.thetablet.co.uk/news/8232/child-abuse-tolerated-and-indirectly-encouraged-by-former-downside-abbey-abbots- https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/downside-head-may-have-burnt-evidence-of-sexual-abuse-qm75khgm9 and so it goes on… and on… and on… and on… When will the gullible Great British Public get a grip on the reality of the fact that child abuse is perpetrated by those who you’d think would protect children?

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True stories of intimidation of innocent people by the police

Further evidence of police intimidation can be found below and in today’s Guardian (Friday 8th June 2018, page 7) https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/jun/07/lush-removes-posters-undercover-police-spies-campaign In Brian Pead’s cases, note the following intimidation BY THE POLICE: 1. In 2009, police threatened two witnesses (Adrienne Tear and Victoria Tear) after they had made complaints about Brian Pead’s beating up by 4 police officers in Sidcup. Kate Halpin (now Borough Commander of Lewisham) threatened the two women and forced them to withdraw their complaints; 2. Police threatened to take Brian’s daughter’s children into care if she maintained contact with her father; 3. Police threatened farmer Richard Fulcher to “continually harass him if he had “anything more to do with Brian Pead” (after Brian exposed police corruption in Richard Fulcher’s bogus conviction of threats to kill his solicitor who failed to bri8ng a claim against Mr Fulcher’s local council for burning down his property which they claimed breached “planning laws”; 4. threatened Head teacher Stephen Elphick and forced him not to comply with making a witness statement proving police corruption at Bexley Grammar School; 5. arrested farmer Tony Martin after … Continue reading

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Further evidence of judicial corruption and fraudulent misrepresentation in Brian Pead’s cases

Here is yet further evidence of judicial corruption in Brian Pead’s against the alleged harassment of his daughter and grandchildren. The Home Office/MI5/ Scotland Yard will stop at NOTHING to cover up child abuse they are involved in. Despite members of the public informing the trial judge and the police and Brian’s MP (Sir Henry Bellingham) about demonstrable police corruption, the “system” still produces a “guilty” verdict. However, there is no “system” – it’s just a collection of corrupt people (often paedophiles) who’ll stop at nothing to protect their enjoyment and exploitation of highly vulnerable children (including those in Lambeth which MPs Umunna, Hoey and Hayes have deliberately covered up. (Forget the Shirley Oaks admissions – those cases were HISTORICAL – to get the gullible public to think it’s all in the past. It isn’t. You’re being fooled. Do NOT be fooled by “official looking documents” either. In many cases, they are not worth the paper they are printed on. Why not write to the Single Judge (Mr Williams) and ask him to produce a document with his wet signature … Continue reading

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BBC exposes corrupt Brian Pead ‘trial’ in 2013

The BBC carried the following story about a jury trial in a case of alleged defamation: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-44380851 How come, Sir Henry Bellingham, (MP and barrister) there was no jury trial in 2013 when the book (below) was unlawfully banned at the High Court without recourse to the Rule of Law? How come there was no media coverage? Could it be because of the subject matter – a cover-up of child abuse in Lambeth?

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Police ex-wives support Lush campaign against police corruption

Today’s Guardian carried the following letter: ‘Spycop’ ex-wives: we support the Lush campaign In bringing this issue to the attention of the general public, Lush has achieved far more in a weekend than the inquiry has in three years, write two core participants still waiting to be heard Letters Wed 6 Jun 2018 18.11 BST Last modified on Wed 6 Jun 2018 22.00 BST  Lush campaign criticising the undercover police officers who had relationships with their targets. Photograph: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA We are ex-wives of undercover police officers who had relationships with other women without our knowledge, while we were married with families, and write with regard to the Lush campaign and reaction to it (Report, 5 June). We trusted our husbands (and their managers) and now feel betrayed. Although we have been recognised as core participants in the undercover policing inquiry, our voices have yet to be heard in public or within the public inquiry. When she was home secretary, Theresa May set up a public inquiry to investigate undercover policing and the related concerns of significant malpractice. It was due to … Continue reading

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Prince Charles in Child Abuse Inquiry

The Guardian (and other media outlets) has reported that Prince Charles may be called to give evidence to the Independent Child Abuse Inquiry. (It’s not “independent” at all – that’s the game they like to play). Brian Pead was interviewed about this possibility and stated: “I can write the story now. This ‘news’ has a very predictable ending. In 2014, while I was unlawfully held in prison, he and his wife visited my daughter’s parents-in-law (http://www.teapotisland.co.uk/). This followed my unlawful dismissal from Lambeth after reporting child abuse. It also followed the unlawful banning of my book FROM HILLSBOROUGH TO LAMBETH in 2013, when Lambeth Council also tried to obtain a permanent gagging order against me for the rest of my life. The book carried on its front cover a photograph of Prince Charles awarding an OBE to Phyllis Dunipace, the head of Lambeth Children and Young People’s Services following her extraordinary work in covering up child abuse for more than two decades in Lambeth. Yes, I could write the denourment of this particular story right now…” See the original article: (https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/jun/06/abuse-inquiry-seeks-statement-about-paedophile-bishop-from-prince-charles )

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Lush Cosmetics exposes corrupt Police

Further police corruption has been exposed by the Lush cosmetics company in a brilliant campaign about human rights abuses: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2018/jun/01/cosmetics-retailer-lush-criticised-by-police-over-spycops-ad-campaign Brian Pead said, “I welcome the campaign by Lush Cosmetics of Police corruption and human rights abuses in this country. In December 2017, at a bogus trial in Woolwich Crown Court before a corrupt judge, I was allegedly found guilty of the harassment of my daughter and grandchildren when they had never made a complaint to the Police about me. However, when working as a Head teacher in Lambeth, I reported child abuse, racism and bullying and thereafter the Police took apart my life stitch by stitch, including undercover cops posing as genuine ‘family liaison officers’ and ‘public protection officers’ to turn my family against me and spread lies about me (with false paperwork to support their spurious claims). However, I do not acknowledge the Restraining Order against me because it was issued against the Rule of Law by a bent judge protecting high profile paedophiles, including police officers, judges, local councillors and others. The broad mass of the population has absolutely … Continue reading

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