Letter to Brian Pead’s MP – Sir Henry Bellingham

Dear Sir Henry, I draw your attention to the Editorial in today’s Guardian (2 July 2018, Journal, page 2) with regard to the “breathtaking hypocrisy of the UK’s role in human rights abuses”. (Article below) Whilst the Editorial focused on the UK’s cover-up of human rights abuses perpetrated by the United States, it is surely applicable to those abuses perpetrated by the UK Government. I refer, of course, to the myriad abuses perpetrated against me by all branches of the Conservative government in an attempt to defame and cover up my exposure of child abuse in Lambeth, Harpenden, the Met Police et al. I also refer to the human rights abuses perpetrated against my daughter, her husband, her children and her half-brothers. Norman Lamb, your close Parliamentary colleague in North Norfolk, has championed whistleblowers  against the Royal Bank of Scotland (http://www.edp24.co.uk/business/rbs-norfolk-whistleblower-battle-with-bank-ruined-my-health-1-4892611) and also in the NHS (https://www.parliament.uk/edm/2016-17/473) to such an extent that he even called for an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons, and, as you are aware, I have written to you on several occasions asking you to … Continue reading

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