A second OPEN LETTER to Amber Rudd (Home Secretary)

Dear Amber Rudd, Home Secretary

Re: continued police persecution contrary to Article 3 of the ECHR

This morning (21 Oct. 2017) at approximately 09:45hrs, two people claiming to be police constables arrived at my door and continued causing a disturbance by knocking on my door and calling out my name and claiming “We are not going until you open this door!” (They do like to believe in the notion that they have authority/ jurisdiction over me – they don’t and neither does anybody else, including you. Since I commit no crimes, I don’t need external third parties who are delusional in their beliefs to interact with me.)

I carried on making a cup of tea and going about my lawful business and eventually they did leave.

I left my place of residence to visit the library to email you (I have no wish to have the internet in my flat since I am fully aware of how the police can plant child pornography or other such material without anyone knowing – I have known this since 2005.)

As I was walking along the highway minding my own business, a car slowed down containing two people: the male calls himself Matthew White and is an arrogant little person trying to be a man, whilst his side-kick calls herself Gillian Lacey. She asked to speak with me – I declined her offer and carried on about my lawful business.


I have spoken with these two persons previously, when they asked me about the child abuse suffered by Tony Martin at Glebe House School in Hunstanton, Norfolk (not far from the beat of the now Chief Constable, Simon BAILEY. Coincidentally, BAILEY was the name of the child molester at Glebe House who thought it perfectly acceptable, when admonishing Mr Martin as an 8yearold to remove his trousers and pants before smacking his bare bottom and then hugging him.

Now, Mr Martin informed the police about this as long ago as 1999 – the police did nothing.

I have informed the Police on several occasions and Mr Bailey refuses to investigate. Which is probably just as well since HIS investigation would “find no wrong-doing” – in other words just another whitewash.

Therefore, Home Secretary, I write to inform you that I will investigate the child abuse at Glebe House School. You cannot be relied upon and nor can any other agency of State. I have little doubt you are focusing on becoming a Baroness, taking up a seat in the House of Lords (how DO they manage to retain that title in the 21st century when it contains FEMALES?) and living off a big fat State pension paid for by the gullible electorate who actually think you do anything without resorting to those who really control you.

I have been told by people I trust that they would not be surprised to learn in the papers that I have been found in a ditch with a bullet in my head/poisoned/any other form of death – delete as appropriate.

In respect of child abuse, I trust few people. I know it is endemic in society and controlled at Parliamentary level – just ask Bruce Arnold or read his book The Irish Gulag. As Lincoln said, “…You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

I shall, therefore, conduct my own investigations into child abuse at Glebe House using all lawful means.

I am aware that I may be unlawfully arrested and incarcerated so that my investigations stop.

You, of course, are aware that you ordered the stopping of my State pension and my Teacher’s Pension and yet have done nothing to ameliorate that situation – thus confirming your complicity in those unlawful acts.

Please call Mr Simon BAILEY and tell him to stop wasting any more public money on sending “filing cabinets” (that’s Mr Martin’s apt expression for the morons you employ as police ‘officers’ – their official title is still ‘constable’) to my place of residence.


Just how much money has it cost to create a false narrative about me from 2005-2017 and to lie to my beloved family, Sorrel Birch and Emily, Lauren and Joseph Birch of Melville Road, Sidcup?

On Tuesday 17 October 2017, a person calling himself a judge (he wasn’t because otherwise he’d have thrown the bogus case against me out) claimed there is a gagging order on me not to mention the names of my beloved family members.

How delusional is he? Very.

It is all based on the decision of school governor Roger Ede (do look into the role of a school governor because it gives them access to thousands of children – my research has shown that several school governors commit offences against school children of all ages) to claim I was guilty of the harassment of my daughter (Sorrel Pead, now Birch) and my then 12-year-old granddaughter, Emily Birch. As I have previously informed you, neither made a complaint about me allegedly harassing them, neither made a witness statement and neither made a court appearance and yet the corrupt Ede found me guilty. Clearly he was working to orders from paedophile judges and/or Home Office civil servants, where lesbian and gay people hide behind those labels when they are actually child molesters. If you require further clarity, please ask your friend Harriet Harman or Patricia Hodge about PIE (the Paedophile Information Exchange) supported by Liberty (Shami Chakrabarti et al). The latter person is now in the House of Lords – her reward for doing a job in covering up the child abuse I reported to her.

Ms Rudd, I am not guilty of any of the crimes alleged against me (have a word with your QC and MP colleague Henry B.) and thus you, nor anyone else has any kind of jurisdiction over me.

By return, please confirm that the convictions created falsely against me have been quashed with immediate effect.

Then call my daughter and her husband and their children (and my nephews) to your office and inform them yourself.

Anything less would make you completely complicit in the illusion of my guilt.

In the meantime, I shall continue in my research into Glebe House. Solicitors I trust have informed me that it formed/forms part of a county-wide inter-connected paedophile network involving police officers, local councillors, teachers, clergy et al. I am also aware of another network involving Suffolk and Essex – all connected with Norfolk. At present, I haven’t gone further west, to Cambridgeshire or Lincolnshire, but I am aware of networks there only I haven’t yet connected them with Norfolk. But I will.

In the meantime, please call the DWP and ensure that my State pension is re-paid (and back-dated) and also call the Teachers Pension Agency and ensure that is paid too. The buffoons claimed I owed my own pension pot £25,000. Where DO you get such staff? No doubt, as compliant and corrupt (and possibly paedophile) civil servants, they’ll be promoted and receive an increase in their pension pot.

Look into history Ms Rudd – history has a lot to teach us if only we remove ourselves from ego. John Profumo thought he was ‘untouchable’. So did Nixon.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Pead

07508 242 101



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