Amazon remove from Hillsborough to Lambeth from its website

The authors of the book from Hillsborough to Lambeth were alarmed to learn today that AMAZON – who claim to be the biggest bookseller in the world – have taken down links to both the paperback and the Kindle versions from their website, thus preventing the general public from having the opportunity to access openness and accountability. Liberty Human Rights state that: “…Public bodies in a democratic society should be transparent in their work and in the information they hold…”

Failure to allow this book to be distributed militates against this basic right of open democracy.

This unlawful move also breaches Article 10 of the Human Rights Act 1998, the Right to Freedom of Expression.

This follows a balanced book review last evening in which the reviewer highlighted the pattern that had been noticeable in the poor reviews (always giving the book just 1 star and always making unfounded and defamatory judgments against Brian Pead and not making any comment whatsoever in respect of co-author Michael Bird.)

This Reviewer had also highlighted the fact that Mr Pead cannot be guilty of Incitement since there never was a victim.

Furthermore, the Reviewer pointed out that Lambeth Council had been involved in other unlawful activities such as disposing of evidence in a number of different Head Teachers’ offices when they had brought their concerns to the attention of Lambeth Council officials.

The unlawful removal of the book from the Amazon website occurred without any discussion whatsoever with the Publishers or their distributors.

Foyles – the Children’s Bookseller of the Year – breached their contract with Invenire Press to host the Book Launch on 17 January 2013 at the Royal Festival Hall branch and in July 2012 the unlawful removal of the website from the internet occurred.

For further information regarding this book and other unlawful actions against Brian Pead visit

An investigation is taking place with regard to the removal of these links on the Amazon website to ensure that it is not just a technical ‘glitch’.

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