AN OPEN LETTER to Amber Rudd (Home Secretary) from Brian Pead

Dear Ms Rudd
Please forward to me three possible dates/times for us to meet so that I can discuss with you the following:
1. my unlawful dismissal from Lambeth Council on 31 July 2007;
2. the corrupt and fraudulent activity perpetrated by Cathy Twist, Barry Gilhooly, Phyllis Dunipace, Claire Cobbold et al in securing my dismissal after reporting child abuse, racism and bullying;
3. the Met’s deliberate failure to investigate the abuse I reported;
4. the Met’s deliberate failure to investigate the fraud and corruption involved in securing my dismissal;
5. Simon BAILEY (Chief Constable of Norfolk) and his refusal to investigate either:
    (a) child abuse at Glebe House School in Hunstanton, Norfolk (and this despite his being the police National Lead on child abuse);
    (b) the manslaughter of Fred Barras by Norfolk police investigating the Tony Martin murder case;
    (c) the refusal of the Norfolk Constabulary to provide full disclosure necessary in Mr Martin’s appeal against his convictions.
6. Cressida Dick’s refusal to meet with me to inform her of demonstrable police corruption in all of my FOUR unlawful convictions (as described by your colleague and QC Sir Henry Bellingham on 27 January 2017 with a witness present);
7. Elizabeth Truss’s refusal to meet with me and Tony Martin about the criminal activity perpetrated by Norfolk officers;
8. and other matters.
I refer you to my websites below.
I am inviting you to write an introduction to my latest book entitled BLUEPRINT FOR ABUSE – State controlled child abuse. It traces the history of all forms of child abuse from 1843. Please let me know if you would like a sample chapter to read (apart from the manuscript stolen from my flat on 15 October 2017 by constables assigned to Simon BAILEY, who managed to deploy 4 vehicles and 6 officers to have me arrested despite continually bleating to the media that he is under-resourced. His problem is not a lack of resources, but in deploying people sensibly. In other words, you might like to tell him as a Minister of the Crown to leave me alone and go catch some REAL paedophiles. Oh dear! Too close to home, perhaps.
I remind you that my State Pension has unlawfully been stopped and my Teachers Pension continues not to be paid to me. Both unlawful acts ordered by you. Please correct this unlawful position.
I remind you that ALL forms of my communications continue to be unlawfully interfered with.
I remind you that on 31 December 2013, I issued an Official Complaint to HM Government under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, to which Britain is a signatory. Therefore please meet with me as you required so to do.
I look forward to receiving some dates/times when we could meet.
Yours sincerely,
Brian Pead
07508 242 101
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