An Open Letter to Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner re cover-up of Child Abuse

Dear Mr Green,

May I firstly congratulate you on your appointment.

I have read the article in today’s Eastern Daily Press in which you state that you are focusing on domestic abuse and child abuse. An excellent focus if I may say so!

However, how can you explain the following:

1. I exposed child abuse in Lambeth Council and gave a copy of my (banned) book from Hillsborough to Lambeth to Simon Bailey, Chief Constable of Norfolk and the police national lead on child abuse. He failed to report it to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA). [Please see also my website at]

2. I reported child abuse at a children’s home in Harpenden, Hertfordshire betwen 1955 and 1960 and he failed to act upon it. Indeed, yesterday, a DC Gill Lacey met with me and failed to even discuss the matter, despite (allegedly) being assigned to ‘investigate’ the case. This on Mr Bailey’s watch.

3. Between January 2014 and March 2014, Norfolk Police visited my address at Darby Farm, Pott Row on no less than 12 occasions. Not a single visit was recorded. These visits used a lot of manpower and yet Mr Bailey is often seen in the media bleating on about a diminished budget and a lack of human resources – yet his judgment in deploying officers seems far from professional. I know several Norfolk people who are calling for a vote of “No Confidence” in Mr Bailey.

4. On 02 August 2013, a computer of mine was unlawfully seized from Ivy Farm, my then place of residence. It has not been been returned. Under the Theft Act 1968, I do believe this is theft.

5. Since being released from prison in March 2016, where I was unlawfully incarcerated, I have been stopped twice by someone claiming to be a PC Jones who asks me if I have any underage girls in the back of my car. Since I do not have such proclivities, one can only assume he wishes to procure one for himself. Yet another example of the poor deployment of officers in Norfolk.

Could you kindly meet with Mr Bailey and ask him why he persecutes me (the words of retired DCI Clive Driscoll of Scotland Yard)[see also] when he claims to be so over-stretched with staffing levels? He always seems to manage to find ignorant and arrogant foot soldiers who’ll do his every bidding. Is this really the state of modern policing in this country?

I understand that part of your remit is to “…make sure that your concerns about safety and security are made clear to the police, and that you have a chance to influence local policing priorities…” I have serious concerns about the poor quality of policing in Norfolk and shall be starting a campaign for a vote of No Confidence in Mr Bailey. However, before I do so, I invite you to meet with me so that I can provide you with much more detailed information with regard to how child abuse is being covered up by Mr Bailey. Please note that I always take Minutes at every meeting.

I look forward to being able to work with you to ensure that the good folk of this lovely county are provided with a professional police service.

Kind regards
Brian Pead
B.Ed (Hons) – University of Greenwich
Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling


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