Brian Pead abused by Teachers’ Pension Agency

In order to try to control Brian Pead, the UK Government has refused to ensure that he is paid his pension after some 25 years in the profession. Here’s an Open Letter to the Minister for the Department for Work and Pensions sent yesterday (24 January 2018).

Dear Ms McVey,
I have copied you in to the email I have sent to my MP, Sir Henry Bellingham, (a Parliamentary colleague of yours) and to the Children’s Commissioner (amongst others) in which I refer to the fact that my Teacher’s Pension is not being paid to me.
I draw this to your specific attention because I note that you studied as a lawyer and you’ll know it is unlawful to withhold someone’s pension (particularly someone who blew the whistle on child abuse at Lambeth ).
The TPA claim that I owe THEM the sum of some £25,000 (I don’t) and each time I seek Proof of Debt, they never respond. Of course no such debt exists.
I have spoken about this with my own MP but he is busy obtaining a suitably qualified criminal appeals specialist to ensure that my FIVE (yes, you did read that correctly) criminal convictions are quashed, that I am reunited with my beloved family members (after Scotland Yard thought it funny to harass my daughter and tell her that I am a paedophile – of course I am not) and he is also seeking a suitably qualified Tort Law specialist to assist me with my claims v Lambeth Council/the Met Police/ Essex Police/ Norfolk Constabulary et al.
You have the statutory powers to ensure that my Teachers Pension is paid to me with immediate effect (and, of course, backdated and interest paid at the rate of 8% as is normal protocol.
For further information about the persecution of me and my family by corrupt State officials, please find attached a copy of an Information Memorandum first prepared by me for Sir Henry as long ago as 2013, soon after Lambeth applied to the High Court for a permanent gagging order against me for the rest of my life, banned the book from Hillsborough to Lambeth and then thought it wise to spend thousands of pounds of Lambeth taxpayers’ money on committal proceedings to incarcerate me in HMP Pentonville.
I do NOT owe the TPA a penny, feel sure it is a simple administrative oversight and not, as some have suggested, high profile civil servants at the Department of Education protecting paedophiles in high places, and that you have the requisite powers to order an immediate investigation so that I can be in receipt of my pension by close of business on Friday 26 January 2018.
In closing, may I wish you every success in your new role.
Yours sincerely
Brian Pead
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