Brian Pead and David Icke – jointly exposing child abuse, corruption, cover-ups

Brian Pead and David Icke – jointly exposing child abuse, corruption, cover-ups

Today, Sunday 17 March 2013, the following link was uploaded to the David Icke website:

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This followed Brian Pead’s unlawful and unnecessary arrest (at considerable public expense) by Southend Police after HE had gone to report a crime of trespass, harassment and assault by two Southend police officers on his elderly 75-year-old neighbour. The two officers were told by his female neighbour, “You cannot come in. You have not shown me your ID. You have not shown me a Search Warrant or Arrest Warrant. I do not want to talk to you.”

But they pushed the door open anyway and forced their way on to her property at 8.50am whilst Brian was on his way to yet another farce at the High Court (see separate news story).

Whilst on the train to London, Brian answered a call from his elderly neighbour who was in tears, struggling to remain hold together and clearly upset at the crimes perpetrated by the officers from the Essex Police force.

At around 8pm on Friday 15 March 2013 – his late brother’s birthday – Brian went to Southend Police station to report these crimes, along with Michael Bird, co-author of the banned book from Hillsborough to Lambeth. They were ushered into a side room and – despite Michael Bird proving the police with incontrovertible evidence of Brian’s innocence in an alleged crime – Brian was arrested by Acting Police Sergeant Harper because: “It says on the Police National Computer (PNC) that you have committed a crime…”

FACT: if it says it on the PNC, then it must be true and Essex Police are not guided by common-sense or logic or real people’s testimony> They are prepared, on APS Harper’s own admission, to police by technology only. ROBOCOP is here in the UK!

The crimes by Essex Police officers against the elderly 75year old neighbour went unrecorded by Essex Police.

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