Brian Pead and Hillsborough


It is, of course, the 30th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy in which 96 innocent Liverpool fans died following which various governments colluded to cover up the truth about police inadequacies and much more.

I attended the match with three friends: Neil Cowland, Sue Burgess and Elaine Bates (all from the University of Greenwich at Avery Hill in southeast London). We attended many games throughout the three years of the university course, all around the country and there was a trusting bond between the four Liverpool fans and students.

When I arrived home from Sheffield, there was a voice recording left for me by my beloved daughter, who had called me to see if I was alive.

For three decades, the authorities (mainly the police and the judicial system) conspired to lie to and cheat the Liverpool public (especially the families) and the nation as a whole.

Ten years later, a similar conspiracy occurred in the trial for murder of the Norfolk farmer, Tony Martin. He was fitted up by rogue officers in the Norfolk Constabulary. (See my forthcoming book: tony martin: the truth behind the lies).

Seven years later, I was fitted up by the Met Police who claimed I was a paedophile. There was no evidence, but I had reported child abuse, racism and bullying at a Lambeth pupil referral unit for extremely vulnerable teenagers (since closed down).

Following my unlawful conviction for the alleged attempted incitement of a non-existent 14-year-old girl, my daughter does not speak to meet. Neil Cowland, Sue Burgess and Elaine Bates (now Elder) no longer speak to me.

They have all believed the police lies – just as the Great British Public did at Hillsborough and in the Tony Martin case.

I believe that the 96 Liverpool fans who died would be horrified to learn that people who were once very close could be turned against a man for exposing the truth.

Thankfully there were remarkable people like Anne Williams and Sheila Coleman and others who REFUSED to accept the “official verdicts” of accidental death. The deaths of several Liverpool fans could have been avoided, just as the death of Fred Barras, 16, could have been avoided.

Thank goodness for Anne Williams, whose son died at Hillsborough.

Thank goodness for Sheila Coleman, who exposed much of the police and judicial corruption.

My daughter, and Neil Cowland, Sue Burgess and Elaine Bates (Elder) have failed to see the light of truth.

Thank goodness the light of truth about Hillsborough finally emerged – just as the light of truth about Tony Martin will emerge and the light of truth about Brian Pead will emerge.

Tony Farmer – languishing unlawfully in prison, once wrote to his mother: “The Truth roots out the Untruth eventually” and he was right.

Thank goodness that the stench of corruption has been masked by the aroma from the Flames of Truth.

Brian can be contacted on 07508 242 101 (when the Police allow calls to go through – it’s very hit and miss, so please be patient). He welcomes visits to Flat 2, 66 Goodwins Road, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 5PD.

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