Brian Pead and Julian Assange


On Monday 18 August 2014 from my prison cell in HMP Peterborough, I wrote a diary entry which read: “I put the tv back on and the eleven o’clock news. It appears that Julian Assange is about to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy after two years in residence there. I have contemplated joining him there because it is not possible for me to obtain a fair trial in this country.”

I was being unlawfully held in prison as a political prisoner, and wrote the book 10 Prisons, 12 Weeks whilst held in captivity.

I see that Julian Assange has now been forcibly removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy and in 2015, and made forcibly homeless at the time by corrupt State officials, I also went to the Embassy to seek asylum after my country declared war on me and took my life apart stitch by stitch. The Embassy staff, realising the depth of police and judicial corruption in the unlawful convictions against me, decided not to offer me asylum.

Julian Assange exposed corruption and was labelled a sex offender (to turn people against him and defame him).

Brian Pead exposed child abuse and was labelled a sex offender (to turn people against him and defame him).

Do you really need it spelled out?

And what are YOU going to do to get justice for Brian Pead?

Or are you so stupid that you STILL think the police and justice system in this country are beyond approach and never lie to you and always ensure justice is done?

Brian can be contacted on 07508 242 101 (when the Police allow calls to go through – it’s very hit and miss, so please be patient). He welcomes visits to Flat 2, 66 Goodwins Road, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 5PD.

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