Brian Pead and Liverpool FC legend Tommy Smith

Upon hearing of the death of former Liverpool legend Tommy Smith, Brian Pead made the following comments:

I am naturally sad to hear of Tommy’s passing. I was highly impressed with him following the publication of my book Ee Aye Addio – We’ve Won the Cup! which was a complete historical record of Liverpool FC in the FA Cup. Not only did Tommy write a complimentary introduction, but he then joined me in a book-signing session in WH Smith’s in Liverpool. We spent a couple of enjoyable hours together and he wouldn’t take a penny in fees – not even his petrol money. I can’t see today’s players being so generous. My condolences go out to his family.”

Brian Pead is the author of several books on Liverpool FC, including the much acclaimed Liverpool: A Complete Record 1892-1986 and Liverpool: Champions of Champions (published in 1990). These were the days before Brian was turned into a State-created sex offender after he reported child abuse, racism and bullying in Lambeth (see the forthcoming video for further information).

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