Brian Pead arrested again by The Paedophile Protectors aka Norfolk Constabulary

On Sunday 15 October 2017 at 6.15pm, Brian Pead was unlawfully arrested by a PC Hall and a PC Staples (at least those were the names given – as all intelligent people know, the police like to use the names of dead children as they go about their dirty work protecting paedophiles.

It beggars belief that the Chief Constable of Norfolk (a person calling himself Simon BAILEY- note that surname, it’s important) is the police national lead on child abuse in this country. You might like to wonder why that person was given that job (it wasn’t for no reason.)

Could it be that his REFUSAL to investigate child abuse at GLEBE HOUSE SCHOOL in HUNSTANTON, (just a few short miles from his beat as a PC in King’s Lynn years ago) has anything to with the fact that child abuse was perpetrated against Tony Martin (yes, that famous Norfolk farmer who was forced to resort to taking the law into his own hands by corrupt police OFFICERS -they are no longer constables in the real sense of the word- was by a Mr BAILEY – yes, that’s right, the same surname as the Chief Constable. I wonder how many other Chief Constables share a surname with a known predatory paedophile working at Glebe House?

Brian Pead was arrested on “suspicion of a breach of a harassment order.” (There is no lawful order in place – it’s simply a device the corrupt Home Office – Google ‘Home Office and Peter Righton’ and see how many paedophiles work there!) Nonetheless, the Rule of Law states that the police have 24 hours to hold a person without charge. Brian Pead was not charged – at least not yet. That’s around the corner.

So, under the Rule of Law – dispensed with by Government – Brian Pead should have been released by 6.15 on Monday 16 October 2017. Simple.

Only not so. During the “interview” Brian had with officers from the Met (Brian was taken from King’s Lynn to Bromley at 3am on Monday morning – they do like to try to disrupt him) the DC calling himself Stanford – like a master magician – claimed that there was a Warrant out for his arrest from Woolwich Crown Court (the very court where at least two judges are co-directors of schools where paedophiles infiltrated) claiming that he had failed to attend court on 19 September 2017. So, even if that were true, do you really want your tax spent on such nonsense? Three vehicles and 6 police officers attended Brian’s arrest (and this from a Chief Constable who not only refuses to investigate Glebe House a Norfolk/Suffolk paedophile ring but who constantly whines in the media that he has too few resources). Do you want such an incompetent and corrupt person as your Chief Constable?

Brian was not charged but unlawfully held in police custody until Tuesday 17 October 2017, where he was taken against his will to Woolwich Crown Court. He arrived at 9am and didn’t get into Court 9 (Judge Heathcote-Williams) until 4.20pm. (The Paedophile Protectors do like to waste Brian’s time so prevent him from attacking them).

The Prosecutor couldn’t find anything. No reference to this magical date of a Court hearing on 19 September 2017. The Judge couldn’t find anything. A “recess” was called for. (That’s an excuse for the Judge to get into his chambers and call the Home Office and take his next instructions.)

Upon arriving back in Court, the learned Judge claimed that he HAD now found a reference to the date of 19 September 2017 and that Brian Pead had been a very naughty boy by not attending. So naughty that he had to be kidnapped and brought to a Crown Court -it should, if anything, have been a Magistrates’ Court.

The learned judge in his wisdom said that Brian may “simply have forgotten the date” (they do like to blame the innocent party: it’s inherent in their DNA and corruption is their modus operandi).

The learned judge said that a solicitor had been appointed so that he could cross-examine Brian’s XXXXX (a female relative not his son – there is you see a gagging order allegedly) because Brian can’t cross-examine his own XXXXXX (female relative not his son). It’s all complete nonsense designed to protect the corrupt Kate Halpin, Borough Commander of Lewisham who is guilty of (a) witness intimidation, (ii) perverting the course of justice, (iii) misconduct in public office and a host of other crimes when she forced two public-spirited witnesses to Brian’s beating up by 4 Bexley police constables (a crime in itself) to withdraw their complaints against police brutality in July 2009. That “duffing up” was to put the frighteners on Brian (it didn’t of course work – none of their nonsense does) before the trial in December 2009 of the alleged incitement of a non-existent 14-year-old girl. Or perhaps it was an attempt at incitement, or perhaps something else entirely because Brian is in possession of all different paperwork from the Court claiming all sorts of different crimes he’s supposed to have committed under all manner of different pieces of legislation that those at Westminster like to pump out as a form of social control :be under no illusion, they create the laws to use against the masses and happily abandon them when they want to commit crimes themselves or interfere with children – see my latest book BLUEPRINT FOR ABUSE).

Which brings us nicely to the REAL reason Brian was arrested and unlawfully detained for 3 days against his will.

Brian does ALL of his research on computers operated by Norfolk County Council. When working on the Tony Martin book- which showed that Norfolk Police killed Fred Barras and not Tony Martin – Brian was arrested in Gaywood Library and held in a police cell for 16.5 hours and released without charge. They arrested him only to take his electronic USB sticks and manuscript of the book.

THIS TIME, they did the same. They unlawfully entered his flat and stole a 1TB external hard drive and other USB sticks and paperwork, claiming it was “needed in evidence” – complete rubbish. All they wanted to do was bang up Brian and examine that hard drive to see what evidence he has on it of paedophile police officers and others. Fortunately he isn’t stupid enough to leave it all around where they can grab it at any time. It will all be revealed in BLUEPRINT FOR ABUSE (see separate post).

Tony Martin calls them “filing cabinets”: they work to pieces of paper and not common sense. Brian Pead says they’ll do anything they’re told because they want a promotion and a pension. When interviewed this morning for this website he added: “We live in a police State and the people we all rely on to uphold the rule of law are, in fact, engaged in considerable criminality and sex offences against children. Look up the North Wales children’s homes scandal and you’ll find police inspector Gordon Anglesea as a main abuser there (but he was not the only one and there were others far higher up the food chain.)”

Finally, the Home Office has instructed the Department for Work and Pensions to stop Brian’s State pension – another com0pletely unlawful act, but they don’t care because their level of arrogance is such that THEY can do whatever they like (like create false convictions, create false evidence and oh, abuse your children.)

Brian Pead added: “Such is their level of arrogance and ignorance, they have no idea of what they have created. The cobra is about to strike. They had their chances to put things right, but such were the depths of their depravity they failed to do so.”


On 31 December 2013, Brian issued an Official Complaint under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The government was obligated to act positively and involve Brian is all investigations. It has, instead, continued to pursue a course of conduct amounting to harassment and persecution and torture. It has breached many of his human rights particularly at Article 6 (the Right to a Fair Trial), Article 8 (the right to Family Life and Privacy), and Article 10 (the right to Freedom of Expression).






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