Brian Pead arrested by armed police

A little more than 2 weeks after Lambeth Council failed to obtain a permanent gagging order against Brian Pead, he is arrested (unlawfully) by armed police in Norfolk.

The circumstances were such that Brian had been providing legal information to pig farmer Richard Fulcher and his wife, Karen, about their legal problems in which Fulcher was found guilty of Threats to Kill in a Magistrates’ Court (instead of in a Crown Court with a jury). Brian is neither a solicitor nor a barrister but acts as a McKenzie Friend to people who have little legal knowledge (Brian having studied law at the University of Greenwich in 2010).

On 01 August, two operatives claiming to be from the power giant EON drove illegally on to private land and said they wanted to read Mr Fulcher’s meter. (EON were attempting to bankrupt Mr Fulcher, claiming he owed them some £11,000 for a meter which does not exist on his farm.) Brian asked them to show some ID, at which point they said they would leave. They were wearing long-sleeved fleeces on a hot summer’s day, which immediately drew Brian’s attention and neither did they have with them the hand-held terminals used by all genuine meter readers.

As the female driver left with her male colleague, she sped out of the farm gates, catching her rear wheel on the fly wheel of a farm gate, causing damage to the gate. Richard Fulcher called the police who initally failed to come to the property. Meanwhile the female driver also called the police (it is alleged) and within minutes armed police arrived at the remote Norfolk farm. (You might like to ask why armed police were so close by – contact Chief Constable Simon Bailey at Wymondham).

Anyway, within minutes, Brian is arrested. Farmer Fulcher takes photographs and also a tape recording of the incident. Brian – nursing two broken ribs sustained in a karting accident in June – is bundled into a police van in handcuffs and taken to the Police investigation Unit at Saddlebow.


– for a full account of this incident (in which Brian was charged with criminal damage) read the book FRAMED!

– on 02 February 2014, Brian is banned by Fulcher’s wife from attending the farm. She blames Brian for all their troubles (which started well before Brian assisted them)

– the talk in the village is that Richard Fulcher sold out to the police in an effort to get his conviction quashed

– the Fulchers are refusing to give Brian all of his property (stored on their farm free of charge) back to him

– Richard Fulcher is a former local councillor

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