Brian Pead arrested – police seize his Tony Martin manuscript

Yesterday, at 3pm Brian Pead was arrested outside Gaywood Library near King’s Lynn in Norfolk. They gave the reason as a “breach of a restraining order” – there is no order: it is a bogus document the State uses periodically against Brian to prevent him from exposing child abuse in Lambeth and to occasionally imprison him when it suits them.

Brian spent 5 hours in police custody. No charge. Not even an interview.

But the REAL reason for his arrest was apparent when they seized his mobile phone, laptop, USB sticks and his manuscript for TONY MARTIN: THE TRUTH.

Following on from the gagging order imposed on Brian by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, Brian has uncovered corruption at EVERY level of the Tony Martin case and it’s clear that the authorities do not want the book to see the light of day.

Brian will provide a new mobile phone number in due course. In the meantime, you are advised to contact your MP and demand justice for both Brian Pead and Tony Martin (and Brian’s family who know nothing of the State’s appalling treatment of him.)

An interim number is 07525269764 (Geoffrey Bacon) if you wish to speak with Brian. He does not respond to withheld or private numbers or abuse.

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