Brian Pead assaulted: Essex Police do nothing

Today at midday, Brian Pead was assaulted by the driver of a silver Peugeot 407, number plate SY57 ZTO.

The driver, a man of swarthy complexion and wearing glasses, had the previous evening harassed Mr Pead’s elderly neighbour by ringing her bell at 9pm, long after she had gone to bed.

On this occasion, the man knocked loudly at Mr Pead’s door and returned to his car. He waited for over an hour and then knocked loudly again before returning to his car for a second time.

Mr Pead went up to the car and asked the man who he was, what he wanted and who he worked for. Upon receiving no replies, Mr Pead took a photo of the man and stood in front of the car and took photos of the numberplate.

Whilst doing this, the man started his engine and drove straight at Brian Pead, hurting his kneecaps. He then reversed quickly and repeated this five times, before reversing the wrong way down a one-way road and into a T-junction.

Mr Pead called Essex Police (Rachel, collar number 75531) who created a CRIS report. She said that a police presence would be with him within minutes (he currently lives only 5 minutes from Southend Police Station).

By 10pm, no police had been anywhere near Mr Pead’s house.

On 22 January 2013, Mr Pead (with a witness) visited Southend Police Station to make a statement for harassment against Lambeth Council, Pinsent Masons, Cathy Twist and Phyllis Dunipace. The unhelpful duty sergeant, who gave his name as Phil Marsh (collar number 74737) told Mr Pead that if he didn’t leave the station, he would be arrested for “wasting police time”.

The Chief Constable of Essex Police is Mr Jim Barker-McCardle. He retires in May. One can only hope that the new Chief Constable protects the public in a better manner than his predecessor.

It is reasonable to assume (“…the reasonable person test…” as required by a Court in England and Wales) that this man was working on behalf of Lambeth Council, Pinsent Masons, Cathy Twist and/ or Phyllis Dunipace, jointly and/ or severally since he appeared only AFTER the aforementioned parties took Mr Pead to court claiming defamation and harassment.

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