Brian Pead assists farmer Tony Martin in quest for Truth and Justice

A Freedom of Information Act request was made of the Cambridgeshire Constabulary. This is their response:

Dear Mr Martin


In reply to your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, received in the constabulary as follows;

Please provide me with a True Copy of all flight logs of any helicopters flying over (redacted specified address) on 20 and 21 August 1999.

I also require details of all written communications with regard to the flight(s) in whatsoever format.

I also require a copy of all reports which describe what the searches found/ did not find.

I also require the names of all personnel on board the helicopter(s) on the dates previously mentioned.

We have completed all searches within Cambridgeshire Constabulary and hereby enclose your response.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate any information to satisfy your request, as we do not hold this information. Having conducted research I would conclude that there may be a number of reasons as to why this would be. Firstly, the investigation was conducted by Norfolk Constabulary so any relevant records relating to that investigation would be held by them – this would include any information created at the time by this constabulary, if any. Local records would not be retained for this length of time. Secondly, we no longer operate a helicopter from Cambridgeshire as this service was passed across to the NPAS in 2013: any remaining flight logs or records would have been transferred at that time. Again, relevant information relating to the specified investigation would have been passed to the investigating force in Norfolk.

If you are unhappy with your response and wish to appeal our decisions, please see the attachment, which sets out your rights to appeal.

Should you have any further enquiries concerning this matter, please contact the Information Access Office via email, or on telephone number 01480 456 111 extension 2092.


David Price

Information Access Office

Cambridgeshire Constabulary

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