On this date, Brian Pead appeared at Norwich Crown Circus masquerading as a “Court” but as far removed from the Rule of Law as it’s possible to be.

The Ringmaster masquerading as a “Judge” was Master Bate. On all the evidence available to him, he should have thrown the case out there and then.

The charge was allegedly not informing the Police of his address – the very address at which they arrested him.

The Norfolk Constabulary (about as corrupt as Constabularies come) claimed that Brian is a “relevant sex offender” under the terms of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 and thus had to sign on at his local police station each year.

Brian has put them in lawful possession of Fraud and Corruption in his original trial at Southwark in 2009 and on 16th July 2019, Maureen Bacon masquerading as a “Judge” was told that there is no “official record of Mr Pead’s trial and no record of any Sexual Offences Prevention Order against him.”

Clearly that trial was bogus and clearly went wrong in law.

The famous Law Lord – Lord Denning – was very clear about what the Rule of Law must do when a case “went wrong in law”:

  1. In his book The Discipline of Law, Lord Denning stated: “…(Any tribunal, court or public authority) which falls into an error […] exceeds its jurisdiction and I am quite clear that at the same time it falls into an error of law too: for the simple reason that it has ‘not determined according to law’…”


  1. Denning added: “…If it went wrong in law, it went outside the jurisdiction conferred on it. Its decision was therefore void. It had jurisdiction to decide or act rightly but no jurisdiction to decide or act wrongly…”


  1. Furthermore, Lord Denning has stated: “…It is beyond doubt that, if a tribunal, court or public authority fails to observe the rules of natural justice, or is biased – its decision is a nullity and void; and it can be declared void by a declaration to that effect…”


Therefore – and for the avoidance of doubt – not a single one of Brian Pead’s “convictions” stands because they were all fraudulently obtained and, in law, “Fraud vitiates (cancels out) everything”.

Therefore, all of his six unlawful and fraudulent convictions are a nullity and have no legal weight whatsoever and never had any. It was all smoke and mirrors to blacken the name of an innocent man who had correctly and properly reported criminal activity and abuse in Lambeth. The Guilty blamed the Innocent to divert attention away from their own wrong-doing.


Monday 16 December 2019

It was Tony Martin’s 75th birthday when Brian Pead attended Norwich Crown Circus, the very same Circus Ring which the Norfolk farmer attended in April 2000 when he was also faced with a Bent Judge, a Bent Prosecutor, Bent Police Officers from Norfolk Constabulary and a Bent Defence Counsel. (Brian applied to two Queen’s Counsellors (Michaels Wolkind and Mansfield)  but they failed to respond in time to attend the Hearing and, since Brian is NOT representing himself – that’s a game they try to force him to play – Brian was therefore unrepresented but attended as an Observer. Two people were sitting in the Public Gallery – one wearing a t-shirt saying “Justice 4 Brian Pead” on the front (with a photograph of his  being unlawfully arrested by armed police) and saying “Justice 4 Tony Martin” on the back.

A Prosecutor appeared against Brian (not always the case) but no police officer in the case was present. The Prosecutor refused to tell Brian which Chambers he works out of  – nice to know that Transparency is alive and well in our “Democracy” and in our “Justice system”.

Ringmaster Anthony Bate adjourned the Trial to 27 April – “the Courts are very busy.” The arrest for this case was more than 18 months ago. The “authorities” like to play Cat and Mouse – thankfully Brian doesn’t buy into such pathetic little games which he gave up playing at Infant School (as it was then called).

hearing transcript

Brian Pead:                         I’d like to make an Oral Application to remove the unlawful bail conditions against me to sleep each night in King’s Lynn.

Ringmaster Bate:              The Criminal Procedure Rules say that you have to let the CPS know at least 48 hours in writing in advance and so I reject your Oral Application.

Brian Pead:                         It seems like you’re a real stickler for the Rules.

Ringmaster Bate:              Yes, I’ve found it’s usually best in the long run to do things properly.

Brian Pead:                         Oh good! In that case you can order the Prosecutor to provide me with Full Disclosure in this case which I’ve been waiting more than a year for!

Ringmaster Bate:              This hearing is finished.

They really don’t like it up ‘em, Captain Mainwaring!

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