Brian Pead back in Court – further State persecution

Brian Pead at Norwich Crown Court – 12 April 2019 (Court 2)


More public funds were wasted at Norwich today, not that those who hold the reins of power will be bothered because it’s not their money; it’s public taxes.

The hearing was a further unnecessary waste of those taxes because Brian is up on a charge of a Breach of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO for short).

In 2009 at Southwark Crown Court – though there is no official record of the case – Brian was found “guilty” of the alleged attempted incitement of a non-existent 14-year-old girl. The case been invented after Brian duly reported child abuse in his role as Head teacher of a pupil referral unit in Lambeth in 2006-7.

You do not have to be a legal genius to know that you can’t incite NOBODY – in other words, there has to be ANOTHER PERSON to incite. There never was and yet Brian was found “guilty”.

Since 2009 he had consistently appealed that conviction and the appeals go nowhere. The courts claim they haven’t received his appeals (even though he sends them To Be Signed For and obtains a signature) and every few months the Police unlawfully invade his flat, search it, examine his laptop and generally leave the place untidy. All without a search warrant and without any lawful authority.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court ruled in R v. Smith and Others (Neutral Citation Number: [2011] EWCA Crim 1772) that it is unlawful to impose a SOPO for a longer period than the original sentence of the Court – in Brian’s case this was a 3-year suspended sentence. Clearly that would have ended in 2012 (had it been lawfully imposed in the first place).

The Police abuse the SOPO and claim that it is still active when (a0 it should never have been imposed in the first place because Brian is not a sex offender and (b) the conviction was fraudulently obtained using the witness testimony of corrupt police officers.

The Police abuse their powers to persecute Brian, as identified in the forthcoming video “Who is Brian Pead”? In that video, Sir Henry Bellingham, Brian’s MP, stated that he believed the original conviction to be “unsafe and unlawful” and agreed that it should be quashed.


The outcome of today’s Hearing was that Brian showed the stand-in judge (Bate) a letter dated 2nd April 2019 which stated that Brian has Appealed the conviction in any event and therefore to take the current case to a jury trial would be anathema to justice and breach the Rule of Law.

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