Brian Pead ceases constituency relations with Sir Henry Bellingham MP

Dear Sir Henry,

An OPEN LETTER re our constituency meetings

Please note that my use of the word ‘corrupt’ in this letter accords with the definition as used by Professor Phil Scraton (University of Belfast) of the Hillsborough Independent Panel.

Thank you for your email regarding our fifth constituency meeting on 27 January 2017 with investigative journalist Satish Sekar present. (A copy of this letter has been sent to him.)

I note from your email that you are unwilling to approve a set of Minutes from that meeting, providing as a reason that you feel that you go into constituency meetings with a view to holding an open meeting where the participants can say whatever is on their mind and so on.

It will, I am sure, come as no surprise to you that I find that comment completely disingenuous, since it provides you with a “Get Out of Jail” card in which you will not be held to account for the lack of any Actions that agreed to undertake in the meeting.

I find myself unable to work on this basis since it means in reality that nothing positive occurs to quash my unsafe and unlawful convictions, to become reunited with my family and to receive compensation from the State. After first meeting you in 2013, I am no nearer a solution now than I was then and “the reasonable person” as defined by the courts would therefore be driven to conclude that you are not part of the solution but actually part of the problem and that the Home Office (and indeed perhaps even you) wish I were dead rather than admit their wrong-doing and dispense Justice. Hillsborough took 27 years, not because that was the natural life cycle of Justice but because corrupt Ministers and Judges made the bereaved wait that long so that people (like corrupt police officers et al) could be allowed to retire or move on and witnesses die. I find that scenario being repeated at Lambeth and in the Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. You will note that I have dropped the word ‘Independent’ from its self-imposed title, since it is clear that it is far from independent and is about as independent as the police complaints commission.

I am also forced to conclude that you have been acting on the instructions of the Home Office since it came to my knowledge in 2010 (just two months after my first unsafe conviction for the incitement of a female who did not exist) when the Hackney MP Meg Hillier informed the ‘Blood and Property’ website that she could not speak about my case and that any questions should be addressed to the Home Office.

To my knowledge, you have written four letters in four years:


to Tony Martin who asked you what you were doing to assist me (you didn’t actually inform him;

to Elizabeth Johnson, a local resident who asked you to investigate on the basis of her deep concerns regarding the persecution I have received and the mistreatment of my immediate family;

to Andrew Selous, the Prisons Minister who thought it wholly acceptable to move me between 10 prisons in 12 weeks (an opinion you failed to challenge);

to Michael Mansfield qc, who failed to take up my case, claiming he was “too busy.”


In reality, it is clear from all the available evidence that your sole remit was to say all the right things to me that you thought or was told I would want to hear (such as “You should be reunited with your family” and yet when you said you would invite my daughter to your office at Portcullis House, I said I would need to be there and you then changed your mind about a meeting). Yet in the background, I am still being persecuted by Norfolk Police and by Probation. You have, in fact, failed to intervene at all. Be that as it may, it does rather put you in the category of, as previously stated, being part of the problem and not the solution.

You will recall that – on your suggestion as a barrister and MP – I sent birthday and Christmas cards to my family members intending them to be received by my daughter and grandchildren in 2014. You mentioned, quite correctly in law as it turns out – that the Restraining Order has no legal merit. My daughter and grandchildren never received the cards and yet I was imprisoned for 24 months and spent six months in a sex offenders’ prison to add to the false narrative that I am a sex offender. The reasonable person would be driven to conclude that you were ‘encouraged’ by the Home Office to suggest that you would facilitate me sending cards and letters to my family members in order to get me imprisoned at a time when I was writing constantly to the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary, the Lord Chancellor et al. You, of course, will completely deny that assertion just as they will. Furthermore, in your desire not to want official Minutes produced, you can deny anything that I say you said in any meeting and claim that I have either made it all up or that I was wrong in my interpretation of what you said. It is evident that there is not a level playing field and whilst I understand that MPs are used to having their own way and have a great antipathy towards being held to account on anything, it is not the way I choose to relate to people.

David Cox, a retired firefighter friend of mine over almost three decades and a man of integrity, wrote in a character reference about me (which my corrupt barrister never used at trial in Southwark in 2009): “In all the time that I have known Brian Pead, both socially and professionally, he has always conducted himself with the utmost integrity. He has never been underhand in his dealings with either his colleagues or business associates, and at no time has anything in his speech, manner or action ever given me cause for concern with regard to either his trustworthiness or the direction of his moral compass. Regarding the charges levelled against him, I cannot give them credence, as I do not believe he would ever knowingly consider such an act.”

The act to which he referred was, of course, the alleged incitement of a non-existent 14 year old female. You became aware of this 4 years ago and have done nothing to assist in that matter. All of my lawful actions to get that quashed have been fruitless and the Criminal Cases Review Commission sat on my Appeal for 5 years and then claimed that it had no merit. As you said on a number of occasions, that conviction is both unsafe and unlawful, but it is clear that you have no appetite to write appropriate letters to various bodies to ask why that conviction is still ‘live’.

I sent your office an email last week informing you that I had sent in an Application to Revoke the Restraining Order issued in error on 01 November 2011 by Bexley Magistrates’ Court. As you will be aware – being a barrister yourself – the Court has no option but to revoke the Order because it issued it in error and therefore outside of the rule of law. As you will know, a person affected by a void order has the right – ex debito justitiae – to have the order set aside (which means that the Court does not have discretion to refuse to set aside the order or to go into the merits of the case) (Lord Greene in Craig v Kanssen [1943]).

Furthermore, a void order is incurably void and all proceedings based on the invalid claim or void act are also void. Even a decision of the higher Courts (High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court) will be void if the decision is founded on an invalid claim or void act, because something cannot be founded on nothing (Lord Denning in MacFoy v United Africa Co. Ltd. [1961]).

However, I have no doubt that the “legal engineers” (a term I have come to borrow from Tony Martin) in the House of Lords and the Home Office will continue to abandon the rule of law and claim that the order does have effect. It does not and never did.

I have constantly made you aware in the past 4 years that I have been persecuted by Scotland Yard (as described by retired DCI Clive Driscoll in a meeting on 09 March 2015) and yet you have not even written to the Commissioner to seek any information. One is forced to conclude that you either have no appetite to write such a letter or that you have been prevented from doing so (or both).

On Tuesday 28 February 2017 (yesterday), I received a visit from Norfolk Police and Probation who claim they have a right to enter my place of residence. They arrived with no documentation to prove this and, despite me expressing the fact that I did not give my consent, they entered the property while I was outside cleaning my car. They also refused to say when the licence ran out (it is 21 March 2017) and the female police officer claimed that she had heard a baby crying in the flat next to mine. The flat is empty, but it shows you the level of nonsense that I have to face on a daily basis. The baby – had it even existed – would be faced with more danger from the police officers than from me. And certainly more danger from Lambeth Councillors I named in my banned book.

One of the Actions which you said you would take in our meeting more than a month ago was to call Sean Harriss, the Chief Executive Officer of Lambeth Council to discuss my unlawful dismissal (your words, though you can, of course deny that given that you will not subscribe to Minutes) and compensation and yet that meeting has not taken place.

Another of the Actions discussed was suggested by Satish Sekar – the investigative author – who said that you could write to Bexley Magistrates’ Court (by way of Bromley Magistrates’) to enquire why my Applications to revoke the bogus restraining order have never been processed by the court as it is required to do under the rule of law. You have failed to write that letter. The reasonable person is forced to conclude that you are not in fact working to assist me, but actively working against me by not taking the actions you say you will take (though can always deny this because of the lack of a written record of the meeting other than my notes.)

It is evident that someone – or a group of people – at the Home Office (most probably paedophile civil servants) are determined to take over every aspect of my life in order to divert attention away from Lambeth Council and the child abuse I reported there. As award-winning Employment Law Specialist Alex Passman (from the University of Plymouth) told me on 19 April 2007: “You are being set up by Lambeth Council.” He was, of course, not wrong. And, as you have previously been informed, I had been replaced as Head Teacher on 02 April 2007 before I was even interviewed on bogus charges of gross misconduct. You have failed to contact Mr Passman.

Furthermore, on 20 August 2012 (almost five years ago) I received an email from Alasdair Palmer, a human rights journalist with The Daily Telegraph who had seen the sparse documentation in the case of alleged incitement and he told me that it was clear to him that I had been the “victim of an injustice.” Mr Palmer is a former speech writer for the present Prime Minister. You failed to contact Mr Palmer.

The civil servants at the Home Office are clearly determined to keep me labelled as a sex offender. One can conclude that they have to get their perverted pleasure somewhere when they are not interfering with children.

We have met on five occasions since 2013. I am no further forward with getting the ridiculous convictions quashed and so I am driven to conclude that working with you will actually lead nowhere and, being a reasonable person, I cease constituency relations with you forthwith.

I therefore have to inform you that I shall be making arrangements to leave Norfolk and seek an MP who will achieve results. Of course, it is possible that I will never meet such an MP as it does rather seem that at the Home Office (or in the Privy Council) there is a desire to ensure that I never achieve justice. Which will, of course, impact on my family, too.

I thank you for meeting with me on the five occasions in the past four years and for writing the four letters in four years but I am driven to conclude that you have no appetite or incentive to assist me and I shall look elsewhere and seek not only an alternative MP, but also other options to achieve justice or, failing that, to at least draw attention to what I have been put through and vicariously my family. And still the nonsense (and false narrative) is perpetuated on a daily basis with the full knowledge of Ministers of State.

It has become evident that you allow yourself to be wheeled out by the Home Office approximately once a year (notwithstanding the time I have spent unlawfully in prison) to say the right things to me, but I have come to accept that your words have been nothing more than false hope and empty rhetoric (in fact, the public’s very perception of a politician.)

I have every belief that you will disagree, of course.

I also understand from Tony Martin that he has had a number of “visitors” who have told him to avoid working with me on his Appeal. It seems that much of this “advice” has been achieved through your friend, Malcolm Starr. I am proud of the work I have done on Tony’s Appeal, though it has been an uphill struggle given the actions (or rather lack of them) by the Chief Constable of Norfolk.

The reasonable person would be driven to conclude that I can now look forward to yet another unlawful arrest and unlawful spell in prison, since each time we communicate, that is the end result. And politicians try to claim they are separate from the judiciary.

In conclusion, it became very evident to me over a period of time (and confirmed when we last met) that your remit was at best to buy more time and at worst merely to issue pleasant-sounding rhetoric with no genuine intention of seeking the quashing of my convictions or the reunification with my family who have been told numerous lies by the Met Police and Bexley Social Services.

I am no longer prepared to be a party to such disingenuous behaviour, because to engage in it is to condone it and to buy into it and I have no wish to continue working with you on that basis. I am fully aware that once I move and secure a new MP, I will have to start the process of seeking justice all over again and that I could be caught in a never-ending cycle of such activity (which does seem to be a desired outcome of the mandarins at the Home Office), but I am prepared to take that chance because the present situation is clearly going nowhere and it is time for a change. I imagine that you will be relieved, since you will no longer have to play the part of a concerned MP when it is evident from your entire demeanour and lack of action that you do not have an appetite to see my convictions quashed, or to inform my daughter and grandchildren (with me and others present) that I am an innocent man and certainly not a sex offender.

There has been no indication that when you wrote to Tony Martin “I have a lot of admiration for Brian Pead…” that you do admire me. In any event, my self-esteem does not come from others. Had you genuinely had admiration, that would have manifested itself in positive actions with positive results and, regrettably, I have seen absolutely no evidence whatsoever of that in the past 4 years, despite providing you (at your request) with an Information Memorandum outlining a decade of persecution by corrupt State officials.

A number of my friends who have written to you have failed to receive replies to their polite, well-meaning and respectful exhortations to you to assist. That is the starkest indication of your mind-set.

I continue to be unlawfully persecuted (not that anyone in Government could care less, since it has continually displayed an indifference to the essential conditions for the rule of law which is objectionable and deeply worrying.)

I continue to be unlawfully held under surveillance and all forms of my communications interfered with. I have written on a number of occasions to the Home Secretary for sight of the warrant under RIPA but it has not been sent to me. The reasonable person would be driven to conclude that it does not exist – like so much other documentation in my cases.

It is evident by its continual unlawful actions against me (and vicariously my family) that the Government has absolutely no intention of dealing with these issues under the Rule of Law or with my Official Complaint under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights issued on 31 December 2013. Despite an obligation to deal with my Complaint expeditiously, it appears from all the available evidence that the Government has no intention whatsoever of doing so, which is in and of itself an unlawful act, not that it cares. Furthermore, when I sent a Letter Before Claim to Lambeth Council regarding my unlawful dismissal and subsequent persecution (including their Application for a permanent gagging order against me), their response was to attempt to re-issue proceedings against me. That unlawful move can only have come as the result of orders from the Home Office. A number of meritorious claims I have against three police forces, Off Centre counselling charity (who dismissed me unlawfully without due process in the manner of Lambeth Council), Liverpool Football Club who defamed me on their website, the Prison Service and the Probation Service will all go nowhere, since it is clear that the Home Office has issued instructions to ensure that I do not receive Justice. The unlawful actions by Home Office staff are designed, of course, to protect paedophiles in Lambeth Council whose names I have put you in possession of.

As George Orwell wrote with such prescience: The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.” 

With regard to your offer to write a Foreword to my latest book: tony martin: bleak house revisited, I am able to see that as a completely separate issue from my action to cease constituency relations with you and move to another part of the country and so I continue to look forward to receiving it soon. I have, as you know, provided your pa with a large number of bullet points to assist you in the writing of the Foreword.

As a matter of courtesy, I can inform you that you feature heavily in my next book entitled my country declared war on me and, once published, I will endeavour to send a copy to your home address. I do believe that you will find it an accurate account of our five meetings since I am not willing to create false narratives – I leave such nonsense to the Home Office mandarins whose agenda is to protect those in Lambeth Council (and no doubt other Local Authorities) with a predilection for sexual activity with real children, whereas, as you are fully aware, my alleged predilection is for sexual activity with non-existent children.   

I wish you well in your political and business life and hope that you enjoy your family in a way which has been unlawfully denied to me by those wishing to protect perverts.


Yours sincerely,

Brian PEAD

B.Ed (Hons)

Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling

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