Brian Pead exposes massive police corruption in Tony Martin case

Liverpool FC author Brian Pead has exposed police corruption in 1999 on a scale as big as Hillsborough. Now, 20 years, later, Government ministers are STILL trying to deny Tony Martin justice.

On Friday 24 May 2019, Brian met Tory MP Stephen Barclay with Christopher W. Schooling, Chairman of the Tony Martin Action Group. The MP showed a distinct lack of interest in the case and even went so far as to say that “Mr Martin has already had an Appeal”.

That Appeal was almost 20 years ago and was as corrupt as the original trial. Little wonder, then, that Mr Barclay would not want to assist. Furthermore, he is “mates” with Elizabeth Truss, the Tory MP who has refused to meet Tony Martin, her constituent, because he insists on Brian Pead being present.

Clearly these Ministers don’t like the idea of meeting a Truth-teller.

Look out for the forthcoming explosive exposé of police corruption in the book TONY MARTIN: TARGET OF POLICE CONSPIRACY, Sorrel Press, 2019). this 800+ page book has ALL the evidence hidden from the jury in Tony Martin’s trial and at appeal.


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