Brian Pead faces yet another trial outside of the Rule of Law

On Monday 17 July 2017, Brian Pead will attend Woolwich Crown Court for another hearing in the ridiculous trial of breaches of a Restraining Order unlawfully issued on 01 November 2011 at Bexley Magistrates’ Court for the alleged harassment of [redacted] his daughter, by sending her a letter about police corruption and [redacted] his granddaughter, then aged 12, by sending her a birthday card.

Your support in court to witness the demise of British Justice would be appreciated.

Brian can be contacted on 07508 242 101, but the Secret Service are all over all forms of his communication and have been since he reported child abuse at Lambeth, so even if you try calling him, the call is likely to end up in the ether. Home Secretary Amber Rudd has been informed that no lawful RIPA warrant exists allowing such intrusion into Brian’s private and family life, but she couldn’t care less as she hunts fame and fortune. “There’s a Baroness in the making if ever I’ve seen one,” said Brian. “That type of award is given out to celebs, sports stars to make the general public that there really is a meritocracy in this country and to politicians for keeping their mouths shut and turning a blind eye to corruption and things like child abuse, Grenfell, and Hillsborough. My own MP, Henry Bellingham, was knighted for his services to turning a blind eye politics while I was banged up in prison after HE sends cards to my beloved family members. My son-in-law owns Foxberry Garage and has contracts with the Met Police. When I complained in March to the new Commissioner, Cressida Dick, I was arrested a few days later and new charges brought. I wouldn’t trust a single one of them with my dog and I don’t even have a dog.”

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