Brian Pead harassed by Norfolk Police

On Saturday evening, around 8pm, Brian Pead was enjoying a drive through the pleasant rural landscape of Norfolk when he was stopped by two constables in a car. The male officer, PC Jones (or so he stated – the police have been known to [a] use the names of dead children and [b] lie), was most obnoxious and said that he had been told to look in Brian’s car for evidence of any underage children on the back seat. His female colleague wisely retreated and went and sat in the police car, playing no further part.

Brian went to speak with her and said, “It’s little wonder that the police are nationally disliked. They created false statements at Hillsborough and cover-up child abuse in Lambeth and harass law-abiding citizens who dare to complain.”

She looked rather sheepish and said nothing. Brian reminded both constables that policing in the UK is by consent and that he has written to the Home Secretary and removed his consent, regarding himself as a law-abiding citizen who wishes not to contract with the police.

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