Brian Pead in yet another trial – more “legal engineering”

Brian Pead is due back in court on 4th December 2017 at Woolwich Crown Court before Judge Christopher Kinch, a school governor. The charge is three alleged breaches of a Harassment Order initially created unlawfully on 1st November 2011 and then re-issued in a further trial at the Inner London Crown Court in July and August 2015 where a detective constable committed perjury.

This website asked Brian Pead for his views: “According to the history books, there was such a thing as Magna Carta in 1215. I deeply regret to inform those members of the British public who are not mindless sheep that it is a worthless document and about as much use as Neville Chamberlain’s signed document from Hitler commonly known as “Peace for our Time”. Less than a year later, Britain and Germany were at war. So much for signed documents, purporting to be legal instruments. The same is so in this trial. There is nothing lawful about it at all.

On 9th November 2016, several dozen law professors were moved to write an Open Letter to The Times in which they stated that in this country now there is “an indifference to the essential conditions for the rule of law which is objectionable and deeply worrying.” Who am I to disagree with such eminent law professors? They are clearly right. On 31 December 2013 (my eldest grandchild’s birthday), I used an Official Complaint against HM Government under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The Government has a legal obligation under European Law to investigate all aspects of a complaint and to involve the complainant in such investigations promptly and expeditiously. It has failed miserably. Not only that, but I have been subjected to further arrests, unlawful incarcerations, further spurious allegations, illegal house searches … and the list of abuses of my human rights (and ultimately those of my immediate family) carries on.

But, even more worryingly, my then 12 year old granddaughter, was used as a decoy by corrupt State officials (there are no corrupt States, only corrupt officials) to have a “valid reason” to imprison me. Any State official who uses a 12 year old girl to provide a “valid” reason to have someone imprisoned has lost their moral compass (if they ever possessed one, which is doubtful.)

This present trial has been nothing short of those enacted in the Star Chambers of the Middle Ages and whilst the broad mass of the population walks around with their eyes closed and with delusional beliefs about the Law, Parliament, the Police, Politicians and local authorities – that these agencies of State are there to “protect” the innocent man or woman – I do not subscribe to those delusional beliefs.

We live in dangerous times. The broad mass of the populace is seduced into false idolatry of television, Black Friday sales, Christmas presents, and all other forms of State propaganda – I prefer to walk around with my eyes open to what is really going on. Britain is a Fascist state with police constables dressed as storm-troopers, with armed Police being introduced by stealth, with the Law being neglected, and with some politicians more interested in becoming “reality television stars” than in serving the electorate which voted for them. The MP, Jock Grant-Menzies, in the excellent book by Evelyn Waugh entitled A Handful of Dust is the epitome of a self-serving politician.

We live in extremely dangerous times with the biggest danger not being that of corrupt politicians, police officers, local councillors but that of the common man and woman in a perpetual state of self-induced blindness brought about by imbibing government propaganda. All of society’s present social constructs are built on nothing but sand and as Waugh showed in his novel in 1934 “I will show you fear in a handful of dust” (borrowed from TS Eliot.)

The circus masquerading as a trial at Woolwich Crown Court in the case of R. v. Brian Pead demonstrates “an indifference to the essential conditions for the rule of law which is objectionable and deeply worrying.”

The broad mass of the population stumbles on, feebly, in its collective blindness.

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