Brian Pead made homeless by Home Office in cover-up of Lambeth child abuse

Brian Pead made homeless by Home Office determined to cover-up child abuse in Lambeth Council

Upon leaving prison on 18 March 2016 – where Brian Pead was illegally held – he was made immediately homeless.

He paid for a Bed and Breakfast at the Guanock Hotel in London Road, King’s Lynn before finding accommodation at a house in Terrington St. Clement.

After only one night, Brian was evicted. The reason stated was that the woman, a Trish Benson (and claiming to be a counsellor), has “Googled” him and found out things that scared her! You would have thought that a counsellor worth her salt would have either (a) Googled Brian first or (b) not believed everything she read online. Heaven help her clients if she she believes everything they tell her!

Oh, by the way, her husband is … a prison officer.

Only a person suffering from delusion or mentally defective would not conclude that the long arm of the Home Office was not at play.

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