Brian Pead meets with Sir Henry Bellingham, MP and barrister

Today, on 14 December 2017, Brian Pead met with MP (and barrister) Sir Henry Bellingham in relation to all of Brian’s unlawful convictions and his unlawful dismissal from Lambeth. The meeting, at Portcullis House in London, was also attended by Michael Bird, co-author of the banned book from Hillsborough to Lambeth and Brian’s former counselling supervisor when Brian trained as a counsellor in 2006 and also David Cox, a retired fire-fighter whom has known Brian and his family since 1990.
The meeting lasted for approximately 90 minutes and the Minutes can be found in the letter to Sir Henry from Michael Bird below:

Dear Sir Henry,

It was a pleasure to meet with you today at Portcullis House, Westminster to discuss Brian’s long standing and ongoing legal cases in the presence of both Brian and David Cox.

Just to confirn that the main discussion points were as follows:

1. Brian Pead v Lambeth Council

• We discussed the parallels between Brian’s unlawful dismissal and that of James Walker (another Head Teacher in Lambeth who was also unlawfully dismissed at the same time and involved the same Lambeth Council officers)
• Sir Henry also suggested that he would ask Simon Hughes former Bermondsey & Southwark MP who commented on the James Walker case to the BBC (
• Sir Henry said he would write with immediate effect to the CEO of Lambeth Council in regard to Brian’s claim
• It was agreed that Brian’s whistleblowing while employed by Lambeth Council was ‘proper’ and not ‘improper’
• That Brian should never have been dismissed by Lambeth Council
• Sir Henry said he would seek a TORT law specialist to help Brian bring a case against Lambeth Council

2. 2009 Trial at Southwark Crown Court

• It was agreed by all parties that the original 2009 Southwark case was very simple to overturn
• Sir Henry agreed that as it was tried under the wrong law then it was a grounds for either a retrial or quashing (Brian to send to all parties in separate email)
• Sir Henry said he will write to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) to lend weight to the quashing of the Southwark conviction

3. Brian’s existing/previous unlawful trials – 2011, 2015, 2017

• Simple to quash on a point of law
• The letter from the CPS to Brian’s then solicitors (BEPS) dated the 13th July 2011 stated that no family members had ever made a statement against Brian (Sir Henry was given a copy of this document)
• On Wednesday the 6th December in Woolwich Crown Court (Court 5) it was confirmed that none of Brian’s family members had made a statement against Brian – thus making the 2011 trial (and subsequent 2015 trial) a ‘Nullity’ and any restraining order invalid and unlawful.


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