Brian Pead removes consent to be policed (again)

Dear Sir Henry,
Re: my arrest on 15 August 2016
We have been in communication with regard to this unlawful arrest.
I have been bailed to appear at Plumstead Police Station on 03 October 2016.
I have written to the Prime Minister (in her then role as Home Secretary) in which I removed my consent to be police as I do not commit criminal acts.
Since I do not consent to be policed by an organisation which – in my experience and that of Mr Anthony Edward Martin – is institutionally corrupt. In fact, add Baroness Lawrence to that list.
I do not intend to visit Plumstead, so may I suggest that you call Simon Bailey and arrange for him to effect another unlawful arrest upon me. (Please note that Mr Bailey, the Chief Constable of Norfolk Police) is always in the media complaining of cuts to police budgets, but he manages to find half a dozen constables and any number of vehicles to arrest me, who never offers violence or resists arrest. You might like to write to Mr Bailey seeking clarification on his deployment issues. As you will know, there was a small army of police constables at Bleak House in January 2016 after Mr martin’s arrest. It is evident that Norfolk Constabulary has significant issues around deployment of personnel and other resources. I write also to inform you that Lorne Green, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk is failing to respond to my lawful, polite and trenchant letters and emails.)
Many people have commented that it seems rather co-incidental that I was arrested just three days after asking you to write the introduction to my latest book TONY MARTIN: THE TRUTH which exposes police and judicial corruption. Please note that I always use the words “corrupt” or “corruption” within the bounds provided to me by Professor Phil Scraton of the University of Belfast. We have been in communication with regard to the issue of police corruption (as at Hillsborough, a football match which I have informed you I attended.)
It is clear that the government is failing not only to address my Official Complaint made on 31 December 2013, but also to compounding those complaints.
It is evident to any intelligent person that this persecution is being orchestrated at least at the level of the Home Office,
You are invited to visit that website and enjoy the nonsense written there. But at least the website makes clear that the Home Office has been persecuting me since 2006. Meg Hillier is, I aver, complicit in a cover-up of not only child abuse in Lambeth, but in my unlawful dismissal as a counsellor from Off centre. The director known as Nicola Noone, committed perjury at my trial in Southwark Crown Court in 2009, as you will have read in my book FRAMED!
It is evident that the Privy Council/ Home Office/ MI5/ Scotland Yard have adopted a policy of trying to run me out of money by now interfering with my Teacher’s Pension – as I have informed you, they claim I owe them £25,000 when in fact it is they who owe me the money I paid into the scheme for 20 years or so.
I am still currently homeless and brought this to your attention months ago – in fact within a week of my being released from prison where I was held unlawfully.
When we last met on 11 August 2016 at your constituency office in London Road, King’s Lynn, you acknowledged that the Restraining Order issued against me in November 2011 was made in error – as a barrister, you would, of course, be expected to know that. However, when I asked you to write to my daughter, son in law and grandchildren to inform them of the truth, you refused to contact my family. This is nothing more than perverting the course of public justice. You know the truth and yet will not disseminate the truth. I refer you to Charles Peguy, the French author: “He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.”
It is evident that the reason I was unlawfully arrested on 15 August 2016 at Gaywood Library (without being told why) was to create yet another false narrative – that, I have since found out, I am supposed to have breached the Restraining Order which you have previously declared on several occasions – with and without witnesses present – is invalid and which was made in error.
Clearly the “authorities” want to imprison for a sixth occasion when my innocence is known.
I refer you to the Minutes of my meeting with retired Detective Chief Inspector Clive Inspector (who read my banned book and corroborated it) on 09 March 2015 (two weeks prior to my unlawful imprisonment for 24 months after you sent Christmas cards to my family (who, of course, never received them – part of the game of smoke and mirrors and illusion as practised by certain MPs/ police/ judiciary) in which the retired DCI stated that I haven persecuted by Scotland Yard for 10 years (and vicariously my family) and now, it must be stated in the public domain, you are perpetuating that abuse and persecuting with your refusal to inform my family of the Truth.
I am driven to conclude that anyone – of whatever rank or status in society – who diverts from the Truth or who distorts the Truth (whether by omission or commission) must be complicit in the cover-up of child abuse or be participating themselves in it. The man on the Clapham omnibus would arrive at such a conclusion given all of the facts.
It is not acceptable to keep the Truth from my family; nor is it acceptable to have me arrested on a whim but, that said, I await my next arrest by unthinking constables following orders as the SS guards who rounded up the Jews and placed them in gas chambers.
If policing is REALLY by consent, please accept my notice that I do not give my consent to be policed. I have no wish to go to Plumstead Police Station. I have no business with the police. I have signed no papers. I have no papers given to me alleging any offence. Any visit, therefore, would be redundant – unless, of course, the Home Office want me back in prison for a few months while it covers up yet another misdeed against me and my family.
I am fully aware (as are other intelligent people whom I associate with) that at present there is a ‘parallel course’ being operated on here: (I) you wrote to Tony Martin in a letter dated 11 may 2016, that I have been the “victim” of a number of miscarriages of justice and yet (2) the authorities are doing all they can to continue to interfere in EVERY aspect of my life.
May I remind you that until the age of 56 I had no convictions, and only after reporting child abuse in Lambeth, did I receive four.
Like those who went to Hillsborough – they were only attending a football match, I was only doing my job.
I trust I have made my position clear. Please either confirm or deny your membership of the Privy Council.
Yours sincerely,
Brian Pead
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