Brian Pead sent further information about Lambeth Council

The work of UK Column to expose child abuse in England and Wales has been useful.

The following was sent to Brian Pead, who co-authored the book from Hillsborough to Lambeth in order to draw attention to child abuse and other acts of misconduct in public office in lambeth Council.

This information builds a larger and credible picture of just what goes on in a Local Authority when elected representatives fail to act.

child abuse by people working for Lambeth Council – onlycrazy – 08-02-2010 11:45 AM

lambeth council child abuse

Dozens of allegations of child abuse carried out by people working for Lambeth Council were investigated in the last financial year.

Some 30 allegations of sexual abuse, 82 involving physical abuse, 16 involving neglect, and eight involving emotional abuse were investigated by the council and police, according to a council report.

Seven employees were fired, and 23 disciplined as a result.

Details are contained in the Biannual Safeguarding Report, due to be discussed by Lambeth’s Children and Young People’s scrutiny committee on Tuesday.

The allegations resulted in some 21 criminal investigations, and four people being handed a police caution.

The majority of allegations, 54, were made in schools and other educational establishments.

Some 18 involved foster carers, five residential care homes, and 11 in the borough’s health services.

The report states “robust processes are in place in respect of safer recruitment”.
RE: child abuse by people working for Lambeth Council – onlycrazy – 08-02-2010 08:02 PM

The newspaper article mentions everything apart from the interesting part,
Copied from Lambeth Safeguarding Report:
Lambeth Safeguarding Report
Points of interest

3.8 Since January 2009, the ISA has set up 2 separate lists of individuals barred
from working with children and vulnerable adults. These have replaced the
previous POCA, POVA and List 99. List 99 is no longer being maintained via the Teachers Pensions website and schools should no longer be reliant on this to fast track individuals into Schools prior to receipt of their CRB check.

2.7 Analysis of Data – Between April 08 to the end of March 09, the Local Area Designated Officer (“LADO”) investigated the following allegations:

• 82 involving physical abuse
• 8 involving emotional abuse
• 16 involving allegations of neglect
• 30 involving allegations of sexual abuse
• Some referrals have involved more than 1 category and outcome.

Employers/Agencies involved
• 54 involved educational establishments, mainly schools
• 22 involved Early Years
• 18 involved foster carers, both in house and IFA carers
• 5 residential care
• 11 Youth services
• 6 Health services
• 2 Social Care

• 23 disciplined
• 7 dismissed
• 27 unsubstantiated
• 4 unfounded
• 1 malicious
• 21 criminal investigations
• 4 Police caution
• 10 no further action
• 7 transferred to another LA

NOTE the newspaper article does not mention that not only has 7 council employees been dismissed, but as stated in the Lambeth report 7 employees were transfered to another Local Authority.
ANOTHER newspaper article re: Lambeth Council, all stats are present apart from the 7 transfers to other Local Authorities.

Could it be the workers that were found guilty are being re-injected into the system, via transfers ?

Maryn Murray came to Lambeth from Ealing’s St. Augustine’s. For more on that school (and St. Benedict’s School in Ealing) visit the excellent website by Jonathan West, Confessions of a Skeptic.

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