Brian Pead serves Application to Revoke a Restraining Order on Probation Officer

Today, at 12:18 Brian Pead issued his Probation Officer, Sarah Wallis, with the following:

1. a copy of the Statutory Declaration in which, on 31 May 2016, he lawfully reverted to his birth name and no longer uses the name of William Brian Freeman

2. a copy of his Application to Revoke a Restraining Order Bexleyheath Sorting Office saw fit to return

3. Ms Wallis confirmed that she has never provided Brian with ANY documentation relating to his alleged offence

4. Ms Wallis confirmed that he is “No Risk” to the public at large

5.  Brian’s family members apparently remain at risk from him due to the Restraining Order which none of his family took out on him!

And they call it “British Justice”. No wonder it took so long for THE TRUTH to be established at Hillsborough – the “authorities” knew the truth from day one but chose to lie and deliberately cover-up the truth in order to absolve themselves from responsibility of their own wrongdoing.

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