Brian Pead stopped by Norfolk Police a day after he meets his MP

Only a day after meeting his MP, Sir Henry Bellingham, Brian Pead was stopped by Norfolk Police. The officers informed Brian that their names were PC826 Jones and WPC490 Shreeve. The reason for the stop?

“Your car has tinted rear windows and we need to know if there are any underage females in the back.”

There ensued a discussion with regard to the existence of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO). Brian, of course, claimed that it is a bogus document and PC Jones stated, “Well, we have to work to the computer and the computer says you’re guilty.”

Brian showed WPC Shreeve his book FRAMED! and she took one look at the cover and said, “You were arrested by armed police when they were not even wearing their hats!”

He also showed her the Minutes of the meeting that he had entered into his notebook of the meeting the previous evening with Sir Henry Bellingham. She confirmed that they did, indeed, look like genuine Minutes of that meeting.

PC Jones then asked Brian about his claims that he was “fitted up by Lambeth and the Met” and he appeared to know a good deal about Lambeth child abuse. Brian asked him how he knew so much and the pioliceman replied, “It’s been in the news a lot.”

“Did you expose MPs as well?” asked the policeman.

“Actually, I have never written about MPs and child abuse – my work focuses entirely on corrupt and abusive Lambeth Councillors and police officers. Retired DCI Clive Driscoll did, however, mention the names of MPs.”

“Well, if what you’re telling us is correct about your writing and your innocence – and, to be fair, we don’t know you from Adam – I wish you well.”

Throughout the encounter, the police officers (mostly led by PC Jones it has to be said – is there still rampant sexism in the force?) were polite and respectful.

But was there really any need for Brian to have been stopped?

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