Brian Pead subjected to further harassment by the State

At 11am today (13th April 2016) two agents of the State visited Brian Pead’s place of residence. He politely informed them verbally (and in writing) that he did not consent to their visit as it breached his Article 3 and Article 8 Rights under the Human Rights Act. The two people were Sarah Wallis from the National Probation Service and DC Matthew White (Norfolk Constabulary) – at least we think that those are their names sicne neither ever shows any identification.

Anyway, these agents turned up on the doorstep of the Guanock Hotel, London Road, King’s Lynn, and insisted on seeing Brian’s bedroom. An interview of one hour’s duration took place – and this is at taxpayers’ expense and at a time when they could be interviewing REAL sex offenders.

The policeman informed Brian that he was going to conduct an A.R.M.S. inteview to assess Brian’s risk to the community (for the avoidance of doubt he is only a risk to paedophile police officers, judges and bent barristers.)

Being a polite chap, Brian purchased three cream cakes, but Ms Wal;lis duly refused on the grounds that it might be perceived as a bribe.

The interview took place in Brian’s bedroom. It was at best civilised. Ms Wallis said little (probably due to the fact that according to White she had not conducted an ARMS interview before!)

Some the invasive questions asked by White were as follows:
– How are you paying for this room?
– Do you masturbate?
– Are you attracted to children?
– Are you sexually active?
– Do you seek emotional contact with children?
and so on and so. Brian refused to answer all of the above, except the last. He admitted that he does seek emotional contact with his grandchildren. Don’t all grandparents?

Now, consider the folowing. The Government’s website about ARMS says this:

“…Officers felt that it was not appropriate to complete an ARMS assessment on the first or second meeting with an offender, given the in-depth nature of the questioning and volume of paperwork already required to be completed at introductory meetings…”

Our emphasis. At ther meeting there should have been a “volume of paperwork” completed. The two agents of State brouyght no paperwork with them whatsoever and never do. In realitty this is just more smoke and mirrors. All at taxpayers’ expense.

The Government’s website continues: “…In ARMS emotional congruence with children is intended to only be rated where the sexual
offence(s) have been committed against children…”

Brian has never offended against children (or adults for that matter).

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