Brian Pead: The Untouchable

With a trial scheduled for 12 January 2015 at the Inner London Crown Court, Brian Pead has sought legal representation but he has become the legal profession’s Untouchable case.

In the past few months, he has contacted the following high profile practitioners (who have all received his books about child abuse in Lambeth – could this be one of the reasons no-one will represent him?):

Michael Mansfield, QC – who loves the publicity of being involved with the families from the Hillsborough Disaster and whose name has been put forward as the possible Lead in a national Child Abuse inquiry – yet he received the book (it was delivered personally to his offices and a receipt obtained) – and still failed to act. This man should most definitely NOT be anywhere near a National Inquiry into child abuse.

Imran Khan – he of the Stephen Lawrence case, not the Pakistani cricketer. Mr Khan was recommended to Brian by Baroness Lawrence (who has also received the books) who suggested that Brian speak with Mr Khan and initiate a Judge-led judicial review of his cases. Mr Khan wrote back, saying he was “…too busy and not taking on further cases…” So, Brian left it two months and wrote again. On this occasion, Mr Khan was obviously so busy that he did not even send a reply (to a letter which was delivered by hand by Brian at his offices in London.)

Michael Wolkind, QC – involved in the Tony Martin case (the Norfolk farmer who shot at burglars in his house and ended up convicted of murder merely because HE spoke out about police shortcomings.) Mr Wolkind did not even bother to reply to Brian’s well-crafted letter.

Birnberg Peirce – they of any number of famous cases (usually involving Gareth Peirce (not her real name). No reply.

James Watson of WatsonWoodhouse – Mr Watson (a solicitor) was held under surveillance for 2 years and eventually sued the Police and won more than £500,000. Brian drove to Middlesbrough in December and handed books to Mr Watson’s Secretary (and a receipt obtained). No reply. Three phone calls to his offices: it appears that he always “…out of the office…” and despite promises to call back “…as soon as possible…”, no telephone calls have been forthcoming.

Kim Everett, barrister of the Supreme Court and also a lecturer at the University of Greenwich (where Brian studied Law and in fact Ms Everett tutored Brian. During his secretly-taped tutorials, he informed her about his unlawful convictions and she told him to “…never mention the word corruption…” For the record, she has copies of all of Brian’s books about child abuse, and police, judicial and local authority corruption. Brian approached her in November to represent him in this forthcoming trial (and another one in May for allegedly Impersonating a Barrister) and her response? To get the University to try to claim that he was HARASSING the University and all of its lecturers! (Check out who the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor are. Never believe that Universities are staffed by people able to take the moral high ground – they are as corrupt as any other Establishment institution.

G.T. Stewart – Brian met them once. They suggested he plead guilty and “…We can get you a deal…” This is the same firm that refused to visit him whilst he was being illegally held in prison between May and September 2014.

How can it be that Brian – who has been under surveillance since blowing the whistle on Lambeth in 2006 – has really become Untouchable?

The answer is simple: several names have been put forward to Brian. Even cursory research will show that these are Z-list players, players who are seeking to make a name for themselves and therefore highly malleable (that’s a nice way of saying corruptible.)

On the other hand, Brian’s view is that if Doreen (now Baroness) Lawrence can have the likes of Imran Khan and, since he has paid his taxes in this country for longer than Mrs Lawrence, he also deserves the likes of Imran Khan. He asks for no more than anyone else and he asks only for what is his right under the Rule of Law.

But the Michael Manfields, the Imran Khans, the Michael Wolkinds of this world whilst being open to corruption, will not want to handle Brian’s cases because THEY KNOW HE IS GOING TO BE SHAFTED and would not want their carefully-crafted reputations (which the great mass of British public buys into) linked with such obvious corruption.

For the avoidance of doubt, there is another tactic at play here.

Brian is always offered a barrister who “just happens to be in court today and is free to represent you”. Because he is fully compos mentis, he refuses the Court’s kind offer of representation.

And that is their game. Why?

Because they want him to represent himself. That way, when he tells the Judge in his ever-so-respectful way that the judge is handling a corrupt trial and abusing the legal process, they have a “reason” to imprison him for alleged Contempt of Court.

The legal system in England & Wales has been set up so that “they” will get you whichever way you play it. It’s their ball and if they don’t like you, they won’t let you play.

Just for the record, Brian made contact with dozens of other solicitors and public-access barristers. You will not find it surprising to learn that not a single one of them has responded.

Now, to be fair to them, they MIGHT have replied, but those naughty boys and girls who are continuing to keep him under surveillance and interfering with ALL forms of his communications (including his websites) might well have ensured that the mail was not delivered.

12 January 2015
R v William Brian Freeman
Harassment of his son-in-law and elder granddaughter (but not his daughter, younger granddaughter or grandson).

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