Brian Pead threatened with Contempt of Court – but which court?

This afternoon (13 March 2013) Brian Pead came across a letter dated and postmarked 12 March 2013 from international law firm Pinsent Masons (who claim he is harassing their entire global workforce, not bad for a lone individual) in which the law firm with an “international reputation” stated that Mr Pead has to appear in Court tomorrow (14 March 2013) on a charge of Contempt of Court.

Read the letter here.

No other details were provided.

Perhaps the most interesting detail left out of this letter from a law firm with a global reach was that they didn’t even mention which court he was due to appear in.

This might be a simple oversight or, more likely, it is all part of their jolly japes in which they give a Defendant no time in which to prepare, no time to alert witnesses to fill the public gallery and no time to access the assistance of a barrister. And, of course, their jolly japes includes the fact that, by not turning up at Court, this will give the judiciary yet another reason to “justify” its harassment of an innocent man who merely brought corruption at Lambeth Council to the attention of Phyllis Dunipace and give them a reason to unlawfully arrest Brian Pead again when he wasn’t even made aware of which court to attend!

More smoke and mirrors. More legal games.

Could this case have been brought about because of the following:

Two videos are presently on YouTube which draw attention to the unlawful activity which was occurring within Lambeth Council.

The first video (below) is about the book from Hillsborough to Lambeth by Brian Pead and Michael Bird, Invenire Press, 2012. The book currently has two gagging orders against it, so it must be good!

The second video (below) is about Brian Pead taking Lambeth Council to the High Court for defamation, wrongful dismissal and host of other torts.

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