Brian Pead threatened with recall to prison by corrupt Norfolk police

Yesterday, two police officers threatened Brian Pead with a recall to prison. He provided one of them (the only one who actually showed a Warrant card) with a letter from MP Sir Henry Bellingham in which the MP stated that “…I am quite convinced that you are the victim of a number of miscarriages of justice…”

On what grounds, you might be asking, did the police threaten a recall? Because, they said, Brian refused to allow a home visit. Since he resides at Spire View in Tilney All Saints but does not have a key, he was unable to let them into the property without the owner’s permission and also because he does not have a key. The owner was away from the property. He had written to the Probation Service stating that he would co-operate with a home visit on the condition that the police and probation provided certain documentation proving that Brian Pead is a criminal. Both agencies of State failed to provide ANY documentation, thus potentially putting the elderly Violet Ecclestone (aged 93) and her son (aged 64) at risk of harm. At no time during their 15-minute visit to Spire View did either police officer or probation officer bother to even call the Ecclestones. Later that evening, Robert Ecclestone called Probation and informed them that Brian Pead does not have a key and that he only resides at the property overnight.

There are also concerns regarding the deployment of officers. Chief Constable Simon Bailey often uses the media to complain about budget cuts and the lack of personnel at his disposal, yet two officers were in attendance yesterday. Why? There are no possible grounds on which Mr Bailey can justify such a reckless attitude to the careful deployment of personnel at his disposal. The Ecclestones are calling for a vote of no confidence in the Chief Constable. Brian Pead has been stopped on no less than four occasions in the past 8 weeks. Furthermore, Brian provided Simon Bailey with a copy of his book from Hillsborough to Lambeth which exposed child abuse in Lambeth Council and the Chief Constable failed to act, despite being the national police lead for child abuse.

Brian also provided a copy of his book Framed! which highlighted police corruption at Southwark Crown Court in 2009 and again the Chief Constable failed to act, no doubt attempting to cover for his corrupt colleagues.(It should be noted that our use of the word ‘corrupt’ falls in line with that used by Professor Phil Scraton of the University of Belfast in relation to the Hillsborough disaster. It is not a word this website bandies about recklessly. It is a word used with due consideration at all times.)

Furthermore, Brian Pead informed the Chief Constable that he and a brother had been the victims of child abuse at the National Children’s Home in Harpenden, Hertfordshire between 1955 and 1960. DC Gill Lacey claimed that she would be dealing with this issue, but when she met Brian at Spire View yesterday she failed to even mention the matter. Such is the lack of quality policing these days – punish a whistle-blower, protect our corrupt colleagues and partners.

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