Brian Pead unlawfully arrested again!

Such is the State’s persecution of Brian Pead, they today followed his landlords out of their house and stopped them on their way to work. They were threatened that they would be hounded if they did not allow them into their house so they could “talk with Brian Pead”.

Landlady Philippa Bensley and landlord Timothy Childs were escorted back to their home, when PC Jonathan Miller and WPC Karen Girton (wife of one of the armed officers – Adrian Girton – who unlawfully arrested Brian on 01 August last year) stormed into their property and dragged Brian out of his bedroom, where he was writing. PC Miller arrested Brian and handcuffed him. Brian told the PC that he had informed the Home Secretary that he does not consent to being policed and that the application of handcuffs was assault. PC Miller’s response: “Tough.” (And YOU are paying his wages.)

Brian was not told of the reason for his arrest. Eventually it transpired that he was arrested for “Impersonating a Barrister”. You have to laugh at the creative corruption of those “in power”.

Brian is held overnight at the Police Investigation Centre and taken to King’s Lynn Magistrates’ Court. Most of the public are unaware that the Magistrates’ Courts are also known as ‘police courts’ because they almost always find in favour of the police. Magistrates are not usually legally trained. Yet 95% of all criminal cases in England & Wales are heard in such courts.

Brian Pead informed his captors that he has never represented anyone in Court, never worn a wig and never worn a gown. He cannot, therefore, have ever impersonated a barrister. But the police continue with their nonsense in order to use strong-arm tactics to try to prevent Brian from exposing child abuse in Lambeth and police and judicial corruption.

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