Brian Pead visits Teapot Island

On 29 March 2017, Brian Pead visited Teapot Island to give the owners – Susan and Keith Blazye (and their son, Luke) – evidence of his innocence in criminal matters.

The evidence included – but was not limited to – copies of:

– the book FRAMED! in which a trial for a sexual offence of a non-existent 14 year old girl was exposed as being bogus;
– a copy of the book TONY MARTIN: THE TRUTH;
– a copy of a letter from Brian’s MP, Sir Henry Bellingham, to the Norfolk farmer Tony Martin in which the MP states “Brian Pead is the victim of a number of miscarriages of justice”.

The Blazyes used to live next door to Brian Pead in Sidcup for several years and Keith Blazye was a member of the same darts team.

The captain of the darts team, David Cox, had occasion to speak with the Blazyes after they were found to be “badmouthing” Brian for no reason.

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