Brian Pead writes an Open Letter to the Criminal Cases Review Commission

13 March 2015

Criminal Cases Review Commission
5 St. Philip’s Place
B3 2PW

Dear CCRC,


Your Ref: 00892/2011/tw

I refer to all previous letters in this Matter.

Promises have been made to me by the CCRC in respect of dealing with this matter years previously.

Please provide me with the following information:

1. the current status of this Appeal (first appealed in November 2011);
2. the name of the case-worker dealing with the Appeal;
3. the name of the case-worker’s Line Manager;
4. reasons for the inordinate delay in processing my Appeal against conviction.

Please note that I continue to be the subject of inordinate, illegal and unlawful attention from the Police which affects my human rights on a number of levels (including – but not exclusively – significant breaches of Articles 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 13. I hold the CCRC liable for the detriment caused to me by failing to quash my unlawfully-obtained conviction.

You have previously been provided with information about Article 3 (I initiated an Official Complaint against HM Government on 31 December 2013) and a Petition to HM the Queen.

Also enclosed in my previous letter to you was an email from Alasdair Palmer, a human rights lawyer formerly with the Daily Telegraph, in which he states that “…It is clear to me that you were indeed the victim of an injustice, as you maintain…”

Now, if it was clear to Mr Palmer on 20 August 2012, it really ought to be clear to the CCRC in March 2015.

I note that the CCRC went on the public record stating that it would fast-track (in 6 weeks) the Appeal of Ched Evans, the former Sheffield United footballer who allegedly raped a young woman in a hotel. In other words, there was a victim.

Please be reminded that there never was a victim in my case, which suggests that the untimely delay is politically motivated after I blew the whistle on child abuse and corruption in Lambeth.


The CCRC has failed to even acknowledge the other following appeals against conviction, all illegally obtained without recourse to Law:

1. Harassment of my daughter and granddaughter
Bexley Magistrates’ Court, 2011

2. Contempt of Court
Royal Courts of Justice, 2013

3. Criminal Damage
King’s Lynn Magistrates’ Court, 2014

4. Alleged Breach of Sexual Offences Prevention Order
Norwich Crown Court, 2014

None of these Appeals sent to the CCRC has been acknowledged. Please rectify this error.

I reserve all of my rights (and those of my daughter and grandchildren) against the CCRC.

Yours faithfully,

William Brian Freeman
formerly known as Brian Pead

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