Brian Pead writes to Amber Rudd, home secretary re corruption

Dear Ms Rudd,

I have today (and Wednesday) been harassed again by two persons posing as constables who came to my place of residence determined to enter the premises occupied by me. I have committed no crime and there was no breach of the peace. They claim they have a right to search my place of residence. They had no paperwork with them. I asked them what crimes I had committed. They were unable to tell me. The Home Office is clearly attempting to not only re-write history but also to perpetuate the myth that I am a sex offender. I draw your attention to Hitler’s notion of the Big Lie and this is clearly a tactic being used by you. I do not say “The Home Office” because that is a nebulous entity and doesn’t actually exist – all that really exists are people and therefore I lay the blame at your door, on your desk, with you. I am sure you will be aware of the John Profumo affair and how his political life was ruined by cavorting with underage teenage girls (it forms a chapter of my forthcoming book – more of which below).

I have previously written to you (and Theresa May before you) informing you that I do not consent to be policed. If the day ever arrives when I do feel that need, I shall put my consent in writing.

In the meantime, can you kindly write to Chief Constable of Norfolk, Simon BAILEY and ask why he is refusing to investigate child abuse by a Major BAILEY at Glebe House School in Hunstanton? Is there a family connection? I feel sure with the resources at your disposal you can set up a discreet investigation.

I also inform you that the CCRC failed to obtain 48 documents which prove that Tony Martin, the Norfolk farmer tried for murder in 2000 did not kill Fred Barras but that the police officers who found him alive allowed him to die. May I respectfully suggest that you order a full inquiry into why Mr Martin was framed by the Police and why the public was consistently lied to as at Hillsborough and in numerous child abuse inquiries too numerous to name.

Your colleague, Elizabeth Truss, is Mr Martin’s MP and she is consistently refusing to meet with him (and me) in order to discuss his Appeal against conviction and the CCRC’s obviously unlawful response in failing to obtain the 48 documents I identified in my book TONY MARTIN: THE TRUTH as proving his innocence.

It is clear from the actions of the storm troopers you insist on sending round to me that you are not following the Rule of Law. Until such times as you do, I wish to have no involvement in the fraudulent proceedings against me in which the CPS claim I have harassed my own daughter and grandchildren.

I also officially inform you that Commander Kate Halpin of Lewisham Police is guilty of witness intimidation and other crimes associated with the fraudulent conviction obtained against me on 1 November 2011 in the Bexley Magistrates’ Court by a Roger Ede, a school governor.

I should also point out that my son-in-law’s garage, Foxberry Garage and Helical Gearboxes, is in the middle of Lewisham Borough and that the garage repairs vehicles for the Met Police. (The financial relationship renders my conviction unlawful, quite apart from the Rule of Law itself.

Furthermore, I suggest you investigate Phyllis Dunipace who has a business relationship with Daphne Wickham at Bexley and Bromley Magistrates’ Courts. Ms Dunipace, you will be aware, unlawfully ratified my dismissal from Lambeth on 31 July 2007 and FAILED to investigate the child abuse that I lawfully reported.

Lastly, I wish to inform you (if you are not already aware) that my bona fide claims against the Met Police, Lambeth Council and Off centre counselling in Hackney are not being processed by the Courts in breaches of the Rule of Law.

Please do not pass this letter to one of your useless minions, since their letters to me are the work of fantasists whose only purpose is to cover up the paedophiles they work alongside (I refer you to the case of Peter Righton, which was clearly not an isolated incidence of a serial child abuser working at the Home Office.

I am duty bound to remind you that on 31 December 2013 I issued an Article 3 complaint against HM Government under the European Convention on Human Rights. I should make you aware that once a government receives such a complaint, it has a duty to investigate and involve the Complainant in those investigations. This has not happened. In fact, as you are aware, all agencies of Government colluded to issue further fraudulent proceedings against me – which is, of course, not only a course of conduct amounting to harassment but also serious breaches of the ECHR.

I invite you to write A Foreword to my latest book entitled BLUEPRINT FOR ABUSE in which I trace the history of organised, State controlled child abuse from 1843 onwards (though, of course, it was going on long before that date and continues to this present day.) I specifically draw your attention to the excellent book by Bruce Arnold entitled  THE IRISH GULAG in which he is extremely (and quite properly) critical of the roles of the State, the Catholic Church and the Police in not only organising and controlling child abuse on an industrial scale, but also many of them were indeed perpetrators. Both Mr Arnold have at least two things in common: (I) we investigate State abuses and child abuse and (ii) we have both had our phones monitored by MI5 (mine continues). I draw your attention to the Cleveland Street scandal, the like of which continues to this day.

As Home Secretary you have a duty to investigate crime, particularly when it is perpetrated by the likes of Dunipace, Halpin et al.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Pead

07508 242 101

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