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10 July 2016

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe


The Metropolitan Police Service

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Dear Sir Bernard,


Re: Miscarriages of Justice; letter from Sir Henry Bellingham to Tony Martin; two PNC records; Baroness Lawrence; retired DCI Clive Driscoll; unlawful interference in my private and family life; demonstrable lies told to my family; et al

Please note that copies of this letter have been sent to all parties mentioned in it in order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Please find enclosed a copy of a letter from my MP, Sir Henry Bellingham to the Norfolk farmer, Tony Martin, whose name and case I have no doubt you will be familiar with. You will see in this letter that the MP is convinced that I have been the victim of a number of miscarriages of justice and, of course, it follows that I concur with that view.

I do not propose to reiterate all of my grave concerns about these miscarriages of justice because they have been documented elsewhere (particularly on the websites at and and YouTube under “Brian Pead”. Other websites, most notably and were removed without recourse to the rule of law.)

I have also written to you on several previous occasions (which, incidentally, were always followed by my spending time in prison when I had committed no crime).

I have also been in contact with Baroness Lawrence on several occasions because she has been a most vociferous campaigner against what she has described as ‘institutional racism’ and ‘corruption within the Met’. You will be pleased to learn that I do not propose to discuss either of those topics at length in this communication: I merely provide it as background information.

I am sure that your records on me will show that I was in attendance at the football match which became known as the Hillsborough Disaster and you will also be aware of the fact that the South Yorkshire Police were severely castigated by the Inquiry. I have been in contact with both the Shadow Home Secretary, Andy Burnham, MP (who has read my banned book, from Hillsborough to Lambeth, exposing child abuse and corruption within Lambeth Council) and Professor Phil Scraton, the academic who was on the Hillsborough Independent Panel.

As a result of Hillsborough, public confidence in the police is at an all-time low. I will not explore this subject further, but it is to be noted in the light of my further comments.

I am the official biographer of Tony Martin, the Norfolk farmer, who stood trial for murder in 2000. During our numerous discussions about his case, it was only natural that we should discuss my own miscarriages of justice and he wrote to Sir Henry Bellingham expressing his deep concerns about the facts of my cases and the documentation that I was able to show him. Sir Henry – whom I have met to discuss my unsafe convictions on four separate occasions – very kindly responded to Mr Martin by confirming that I had been the victim of numerous miscarriages of justice and that he would try to obtain the services of Michael Mansfield, QC. Mr Martin’s concerns were – in part – assuaged by that letter.

I have also shown Mr Martin a copy of the Minutes of my meetings with Sir Henry, and also a copy of the Minutes of my meeting with retired DCI Clive Driscoll whom I am sure you will be aware of for his excellent work on the Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry. (I have enclosed a copy of the Driscoll Minutes for your immediate attention.) Naturally I have shown Mr Driscoll’s comments to many other people and they have been appalled by the content of our discussions on 09 March 2015.

They are particularly concerned to learn that I have (at least) two Police National Computer (“the PNC”) records. I have the written evidence of this, as well as at least one witness. As Mr Driscoll confirmed, nobody should have two records. He urged me to write to you to seek confirmation of this second record (or other records) and to have it/them permanently destroyed. This second record listed six sexual offences against females under the age of 13, including convictions for rape. As Mr Driscoll so pithily remarked: “They would have to be bogus because if they were true you would be banged up and not sitting here drinking tea with me.”

I am, therefore, seeking your assurances that this second record (and/or others I am not yet aware of) will be immediately removed.

For the avoidance of doubt, I also challenge the veracity of my first PNC record, since it shows unsafe convictions which have defamed me.

But it is another of Mr Driscoll’s comments that both shocks and offends ordinary, decent folk: that I have been targeted by Scotland Yard as a major threat because of my research and banned book. This unlawful targeting of me (and vicariously of my beloved family) was, in fact, unnecessary because I do not represent a threat of any kind to any other person or corporation unless it has caused me detriment or acts corruptly or unlawfully against me or my family. In my world view, any person would take a similar view of protecting themselves, their reputation and that of their family.

In light of Mr Driscoll’s comments – made with a witness present – I am seeking a meeting with you directly in order that you apologise for the actions taken by certain members of the Metropolitan Police (I do not suggest that this order to infiltrate every aspect of my life came directly from you, but please correct me if I am wrong) and demonstrate to me by providing evidence capable of scrutiny in a court of law that you have removed all other PNC records held on me in whatsoever name or in whatsoever format.

It has emerged that on 01 November 2011, at Bexley Magistrates’ Court, that Bexley Police informed the Court that members of my family (i.e. my daughter and elder granddaughter) had applied for a Restraining Order against me. This is palpably untrue. No family member had ever complained to the police against me, had ever made a witness statement against me and had never appeared in court against me. It follows under the rule of law – and you will be completely aware of this fact – that the Restraining Order issued by the court that day (for a period of 18 months it should be noted) was issued in error. I have discussed this at length with Sir Henry Bellingham, a former barrister in civil law and he has confirmed this. Any rational person will know that the order was issued in error. On 07 July 2016, I made an Application to Revoke a Restraining Order and I have asked for a hearing.

I am, as you will know, currently banned from the London Borough of Bexley without lawful reason. Whilst I have no doubt that this ludicrous condition was engineered by the Home Office, I make you aware of it in this communication because I shall apply at the Hearing to have it lifted. (Please note that I have applied to Probation to lift it, but they are refusing to engage with my polite and lawful request.)

I must further inform you that in September 2011 I was arrested on a charge of the “witness intimidation” of my then 12-year-old granddaughter. She had never been a witness in any trial or hearing. This was easily proven, of course, but I was held in Belmarsh Prison for a period of seven weeks. On 30 October 2011 I was taken without notice to Woolwich Crown Court and the case was dropped (as, indeed, it should have been). However, instead of being released, I was taken back to prison and it was claimed that there was a “rogue warrant” out for me to be held in prison. The following day – also without warning – I was removed from HMP Belmarsh and conveyed to the Bexley Magistrates’ Court where I stood trial for the alleged harassment of my daughter (for sending her a letter about police corruption) and of my granddaughter (for sending her a birthday card). There was no lawful or family impediment preventing me from having contact with my family.)

I – together with my family – have been subjected to forced separation completely unnecessarily and the reasonable person as defined by the courts could reasonably assume that this was orchestrated by a corrupt officer working within the Bexley division of the Met.

In January 2012 I was taken to Woolwich Crown Court where I was forced to represent myself against a charge of an alleged breach of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (“the SOPO”). I do not need to inform you that I am not a sex offender because this is apparent from the rule of law.

At this trial, HHJ Robinson instructed the Prosecution to withdraw its case against me on the grounds that PC John Brown (of Bexley Police) had not only lied but also created false documentation against me.

I feel certain that you will be appalled to learn of the machinations of a corrupt officer or two at Bexley Police, particularly in light of Baroness Lawrence’s comments about police corruption.

My beloved family has also suffered greatly at the hands of officers who lied to them, showed them false documentation and falsely misrepresented the truth (loud echoes of Hillsborough).

In 2014, when I had once again been arrested for the alleged harassment of my family members, an interviewing officer asked me to state on the tape that I would make no contact with my family members. What I actually said was that I would not contact my family members in order to cause them harassment, alarm or distress which is a different concept altogether. I was not saying I wanted no contact – I merely emphasised that I would not wish to cause people I love and care about any form of distress. However, it is my firm belief that that taped interview was carefully “edited” and later played to my family to try to make them believe that I did not want contact with them. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing could be further from the truth. Any family separation has been created by the police, who sought to run me out of money and drive a wedge between loving family members so that I could be prevented from the support of my family.

I have had the privilege of reading Clive Driscoll’s book In Pursuit of the Truth. I noted that he wrote about meetings at Scotland Yard between Doreen (as she was then) Lawrence and Neville Lawrence, the parents of Stephen and high ranking personnel from the Met.

It will come as no surprise to you that I am seeking the same. I hope that there is no inverted racism put forward as a possible obstacle because, if it were, it could lead the reasonable person to make an assumption that the Lawrences were only entertained to assuage the concerns of the black population of the capital and not for any notion of truth or justice.

I ask for reparation: I have been the victim of several tortious actions by the Met and so, too, have my family. I ask that you call a meeting with the following present: my family, DCI Driscoll, Sir Henry Bellingham, Michael Mansfield QC, Michael Bird, Geoffrey Bacon, Steven Entwistle, Philippa Bensley and Tony Martin.

In the interest of justice, this meeting should occur in the very near future, so that my family (and others) can learn the truth and justice be served.

I have already made you aware of my Official Complaint against HM Government under Article 3 of the ECHR (issued on 31 December 2013), which makes demands on agencies of State to deal expeditiously with any complaints. Scotland Yard has failed to act with promptness (except in creating further spurious allegations against me.)

I look forward to your response and to working with you to ensure that these tortious actions cease.

As was stated about Hillsborough, Justice delayed is Justice denied.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Pead

B.Ed (Hons) – University of Greenwich

Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling




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