Brian Pead writes to Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk

Dear Lorne Green, PCC Norfolk
I have had no response to my Official Complaints against Norfolk Constabulary from Norfolk Constabulary. You will be aware that on 15 August 2016, I was arrested at Gaywood Library without, initially, being told why. I was held in a cell for 5 hours. No interview. No charge. Released by constables who thought it was funny to have me held captive against the Rule of Law. Little wonder that Tony Martin often refers to them as “filing cabinets.”
My mobile phone, laptop and USB sticks were stolen from me. Thereon contained privileged material.
The Office of the PCC is to hold the Chief Constable to account. (I recognise that the vast majority of the gullible public believe that drivel, but, should you wish to prove me wrong in my assumption that you are, in effect, merely an extension of the Norfolk Constabulary and used to block or filter complainants, I would be delighted to be proved wrong. How do you do that?
Invite me to a meeting with Simon Bailey, in which he can hand over my material, including the stolen manuscript for my book on Tony Martin. So, do you condone the theft of such a manuscript and thereby pervert the course of public justice since the book is aimed at overturning Mr Martin’s conviction for manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility? And also my invite my daughter and tell her that I am not a sex offender (as Mr Bailey’s constables like to promulgate) because, you see, your friend, Sir Henry Bellingham, has already gone public by saying that I am the “victim of a number of miscarriages of justice.” These miscarriages of Justice are – for the avoidance of doubt –
1) incitement of a 14 year old female who never existed;
2) the harassment of my daughter and elder granddaughter when they never made a complaint to the police, never made a witness statement and never appeared in court against me;
3) criminal damage to a car belonging to E.ON the energy company when nobody appeared in court against me and the entire UK Board of Directors failed to deliver up proof of (a) ownership of the vehicle said to have been damaged by me and (ii) proof of any damage whatsoever. No witnesses were called to court. I was not informed of a date for the Hearing
4) impersonating a barrister when I have never spoken on another’s behalf, or donned a wig or gown
5) breaches of a non-existent Restraining Order as and when Scotland Yard and MI5 feel like disrupting my life in order to prevent wrong-doing against children perpetrated by Lambeth Council officials (and others) being brought to light. (You will have been made aware of my banned book from Hillsborough to Lambeth and no doubt you will be aware of the fact that in July 2013 Lambeth Council tried to obtain a permanent gagging order against me.)
I bring to your attention the wise words of Lord Denning, who said : ‘No Court in this land will allow a person to keep an advantage he has obtained by fraud. No judgment of a court, no order of a Minister, can be allowed to stand if it has been obtained by fraud. Fraud unravels everything.”
All of the convictions against me (brought after I had attained the age of 56 without even a warning against me) were obtained by Fraud. I bring this to your attention Mr Green, because it is your duty as PCC of Norfolk to pass this on to Norfolk Constabulary and it is Mr Bailey’s duty to record and investigate the crimes perpetrated against me.
I advise you to take note that Lord Denning stated that no Minister should obtain an outcome through the use of Fraud. (Obviously I am aware that words on a page or in a courtroom do not necessarily mean that Fraudulent behavior isn’t carried out by judges because I have seen it for myself: Judges Loraine-Smith, Byers, Madge to name a few of those in my cases.)
It would seem that the Chief Constable and the MP (the title of my next book exposing corruption and ineptitude within Norfolk Constabulary) are diametrically opposed to one another. I would go to the press about it, but they are clearly in the pocket of parliamentarians. Chris Bishop of the Eastern Daily Press was very interested in what I had told him about the real Tony Martin story until he “discovered” that I am “a sex offender”. Now, no journalist in his right mind (if he was working free and clear of any external pressure) would give one jot where the information came from that Tony Martin is an innocent man. I have since provided Mr Bishop with evidence of my innocence, but he has failed to respond to me. Which can only mean that he’s been “got at” somewhere along the line. Well, my view on that is that he will have it on his conscience that he is aiding and abetting Justice being achieved by Tony Martin, whose Appeal I am working on. Perhaps, on the other hand, like so many I encounter, Mr Bishop has no conscience.) Only idiots believe that there is a free press in this country. My Article 10 Rights under the ECHR are being breached in this illegal seizure of legally privileged material. Not only are you delaying Justice for me, but also for Tony Martin and you are clearly aiding and abetting such perversion of the course of Justice by your failure to act to correct the torts caused against me, my family and Mr Martin.
A diplomat you may be, a tiger with teeth, you appear not to be.
I look forward to your considered response. But please do not insult my intelligence in your response by claiming you didn’t know I would be arrested after calling for a vote of No Confidence in Mr Bailey for failing to report child abuse I had brought to his attention through my book from Hillsborough to Lambeth, or, indeed, child abuse Tony Martin informed officers under Mr Bailey’s control.
It is evident, given the legal status of the material stolen from me, that your first role is to ensure it is returned to me forthwith. A failure to ensure this occurs places you directly in a position of being complicit in such unlawful activities by the Constabulary.
All of the above are issues which any self-respecting PCC would “get his teeth into”. You see, the longer the list grows of people in positions of power abusing that power and imprisoning/arresting/defaming me, the longer the list grows of people who must be aiding and abetting child abuse or even taking part in it themselves.
I reserve all of my Rights against Norfolk Constabulary and the Norfolk PCC and assert my Rights under the Official Complaint I made to HM Government under Article 3 of the ECHR on 31 December 2013.
Yours sincerely,
Brian Pead
et al
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