Brian Pead’s latest letter to MP Henry Bellingham

Dear Sir Henry
Following my visit to your home and putting you in possession of information re Lambeth Child Abuse and asking if you can confirm that you have an office in Lambeth, my State pension has been stopped without warning or any valid reason whatsoever. This follows on from the Home Office preventing me from accessing my teacher’s pension, of which you are aware.
Can you confirm whether these incidents are linked? After all, the last time you advised me to contact my beloved daughter and grandchildren I ended up in prison for 24 months after sending them letters about my innocence which they never received.
Are you protecting any paedophiles in Lambeth? Or elsewhere? I have noted recently in the (credible) media how MI5 and MI6, for example, allow child abuse to flourish so that they can blackmail individuals.
I attended the United Against Injustice conference in Liverpool last Saturday and called the Criminal Cases Review Commission to task claiming, like QC James Richardson, that it is not fit for purpose and nothing more than an instrument of State used to further punish innocent people.
I look forward to hearing from your PA, Eileen, with regard to a date to meet to discuss these pressing matters.

Yours sincerely,
Brian Pead
07508 242 101
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