British Library FINALLY acknowledges receipt of banned book

the book FROM HILLSBOROUGH TO LAMBETH by Brian Pead & Michael Bird
William Freeman made this Freedom of Information request to The British Library
From: William Freeman

9 February 2015
Dear The British Library,
It is a legal requirement that ALL books poublished in the UK are held in the Legal Deposit Library in Boston Spa (and at other locations as necessary).
On 12 December 2014, three books were delivered by hand to the Legal Deposit Library in Boston Spa. These were:
(i) from Hillsborough to Lambeth,
(ii) Framed!
(iii) 10 Prisons 12 Weeks
The publishers have received receipts for only books (ii) and (iii).
Can the British Library explain why it is refusing to issue a receipt for FROM HILLSBOROUGH TO LAMBETH and whether this is merely an administrative oversight, or that the Library is acting on instructions from the Home Office or other agency of State?
To help you, the book is about:
This is the true and compelling story of local authority corruption and the cover-up of racism and child abuse by a white South African female teacher.
In December 2006, just three weeks after he dismisses his Deputy Head for racism and grooming young white girls, world-renowned Liverpool Football Club author, historian and statistician Brian Pead is marched out of a Lambeth school where he is the Head teacher of “the most successful Pupil Referral Unit in London”, according to researchers at King’s College.
Instead of reporting her to the police and the Independent Safeguarding Authority, which was their statutory duty, Lambeth officials reinstate her and sack the man who correctly dismissed her.
The paedophile haven of Goa, a male ICT consultant and father of four who dressed as a woman to work in Lambeth schools, missing witnesses and MPs Simon Hughes and Kate Hoey all feature in this absorbing book.
This book also explains why the Afrikaner was reinstated, why the Head teacher was persecuted by the Metropolitan Police for six years and subjected to a smear campaign of unparalleled proportions, why his office was ransacked by Lambeth Council officials and why an Employment Tribunal judge breached employment law to find an innocent man guilty of spurious allegations when all the evidence pointed to his undoubted innocence.
Authors: Brian Pead and Michael Bird
Published by: Invenire Press
Price: Currently unavailable due to an illegal banning order
ISBN 978-0-9574301-0-5 (paperback)
Yours faithfully,
W. B. Freeman

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