call for a criminal investigation into Lambeth Council by Chief Constable of Essex Police

On 04 January 2013, Michael Bird and Brian Pead visited Southend Police Station, which comes under the jurisdiction of Essex Police. The Duty Officer at the front desk at 20:00 was J. Palmer (collar number CCA 7378). She presented as professional and helpful. Ms Palmer was presented with an Open Letter addressed to the Chief Constable of Essex Police: SOUTHEND POLICE 4 JANUARY 2013 – Copy

The Chief Constable of Essex is Mr Jim Barker-McCardle. He has resigned from his post before the end of his contract.

Mr Bird and Mr Pead – authors of from Hillsborough to Lambeth – presented a copy of the book to Mr Barker-McCardle. To ensure that the book was not seen as a gift to the Chief Constable, the authors entered the book as evidence in a criminal investigation, together with an Open Letter to the Chief Constable, which is produced here.

The authors referred Mr Barker-McCardle to pages 465-466. These two pages draw the attention of the reader to criminal activities (such as perverting the course of justice) by some Lambeth employees and called for a criminal investigation to be carried out by Mr Barker-McCardle. Both Michael Bird and Brian Pead informed the Chief Constable that they are prepared to make statements about the events at Lambeth to investigators.

Mr Pead continues to be forced to sign the Sex Offenders Register, but refuses. There never was a victim in his unlawful trial at Southwark Crown Court. Mr Barker-McCardle was informed:

(i) that Brian Pead is not a sex offender
(ii) that there never was a victim in the alleged crime he was charged with at Southwark Crown Court in December 2009
(iii) that neither Brian Pead nor All Around Justice accept the verdict of Southwark Crown Court on 23 December 2009 under Judge Loraine-Smith
(iv) that neither Brian Pead nor All Around Justice accepts the verdict of Bexley Magistrates’ Court on 1 November 2011 when he was allegedly found guilty of the harassment of his daughter, Sorrel Pead, and his grand-daughter, Emily Birch. Neither Ms Pead nor Ms Birch nor a Trial Bundle were in Court as the Magistrate handed down a perverse verdict of harassment
(v) of the existence of this website
(vi) the book from Hillsborough to Lambeth has been provided to him as evidence of municipal corruption, child abuse and racism
(vii) that Mr Pead was unlawfully arrested on 2 February 2011 by Essex Police at his home.

The authors also brought to Mr Barker-McCardle’s attention the fact that the website at is presently unobtainable because it drew the world’s attention to significant judicial corruption.

The authors feel certain that Mr Barker-McCardle will want to initiate a thorough and robust investigation (unlike the one carried out by Cathy Twist of Lambeth) into these matters.

The Essex Police website offers the following biography of Chief Constable Barker-McCardle:
“…Jim joined Kent Police in 1981 and served throughout the county in a number of uniform and detective roles. At senior rank he held responsibilities including territorial policing, serious and major crime investigation, intelligence and specialist operations. […]

Jim was appointed Assistant Chief Constable in Kent in 1999, first holding the personnel and training portfolio and then moving to Area Operations with responsibility for the performance and service delivered by Kent Police territorial divisions and the provision of specialist uniform resources including roads policing, police dogs, firearms, public order, operations planning, the force communications centre, criminal justice, strategic crime reduction, the Special Constabulary and partnership working. He was appointed Deputy Chief Constable in March 2004 with responsibility for Professional Standards, force-wide performance, corporate development and corporate communications. Jim was also involved in the early stages of the strong>collaboration programme between Essex Police and Kent Police.

Jim transferred to the National Policing Improvement Agency in November 2007 as Deputy Chief Constable and the Deputy Chief Executive. His responsibilities included those of Chief Operating Officer and Director of Policing, Policy and Practice. Amongst these responsibilities were research and analysis, professional practice and doctrine, capability support, strategy and the neighbourhood policing and citizen focus programme. Jim was also the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) for the Impact Programme (developing the Police National Database) and the Schengen Information System Programme.

[…] Mr Barker-McCardle was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in Her Majesty the Queen’s 2007 birthday honours.
He was appointed Chief Constable of Essex Police on September 8, 2009…”
Source: <>

Michael Bird and Brian Pead selected Mr Barker-McCardle (out of the possible 43 Chief Constables) to run a criminal investigation because:

• he has previous worked in Kent, where Mr Pead resided before moving to Essex
• he has held (whilst with Kent Police) responsibilities for Criminal Justice and continues to do so in his role as Chief Constable of Essex
• he has held (whilst with Kent Police) responsibilities for Professional Standards and continues to do so in his role as Chief Constable of Essex
• he was the Senior Responsible Owner for the development of the Police National Computer
• was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in Her Majesty the Queen’s 2007 birthday honours.

Since Mr Pead has two Police National Computer records, there cannot be a better person for the role of ensuring that accurate data is held on the PNC about him than Mr Barker-McCardle who was responsible (and declared ownership of the role) for developing the PNC itself.

Mr Bird and Mr Pead have every confidence that, prior to his early departure as Chief Constable of Essex Police, Mr Barker-McCardle will take up the baton and call for a robust and thorough investigation into the activities of those mentioned in the book from Hillsborough to Lambeth.

For more information about the Police National Computer or Police National Database, click here.

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