campaigner Maggie Tuttle writes to John Hemming MP about Whistleblowers

Dear Mr Hemming

It was good to hear you have been in contact with William B Freeman (formerly Brian Pead) the Lambeth whistleblower who is yet again another whistleblower desperate for help with no doors to open only the prison doors. Another whistle blower you may know of is Christopher Spivey in Southend who also has trumped up charges of being a paedophile. Another big case with no doors to open although Chris is a known journalist. William also used to live until last year in Southend with the police constantly knocking at his door.

As you know people working within Governments have to sign the Official Secrets Act therefore it is very difficult to blow the whistle in whatever government departments. I have suggested to William Freeman to organise a link for ALL whistle blowers to report and support each other.

It is time for change.


Maggie Tuttle
The silent witnesses: here lies the truth

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